Still working with Apples Intelligent Tracking Prevention

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Got a lot of content about the new cookie-blockings of Apple in Safari. And more browers will follow.
How is itthinx is reacting to get the affiliates pro still working? Are there any updates or is the problem still solved?

Found this:

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  1. Kento January 4, 2019 at 6:16 pm #


    If a user chooses to block all cookies, any cookie-based tracking mechanism will obviously be void and useless.

    Tracking based on IP will be certain to produce false positives, i.e. you would simply overpay your affiliates. Think about the vast amount of dynamic IPs that are used and reused. The article you cite mentions they will track based on IP – this is not something we would implement nor recommend because it’s a sure recipe for failure and makes it likely that you will end up paying your affiliates for customers they have never referred to you.

    Without digging deeper into what can be a wide discussion on several alternative tracking mechanisms, one sure way to increase revenue and grant commissions to affiliates in a fair and sure manner, which does not rely on any cookie tracking at all: issue coupons to affiliates. Instead of trying to trick people and get around their desire for privacy, simply offer a discount through your affiliates. It’s fair, legal and honest and everyone benefits from it. This would be our most recommended way of assuring that your affiliate can contribute in a constructive way to an increased revenue.

    Using the system along with Affiliates Coupons as detailed on this documentation page to automate the generation of coupons for affiliates makes it very easy to implement. The general use of coupons with the system is described here and I would also recommend to go through that – you might want to add some coupons manually for specific affiliates.

    I hope this helps! Thanks for asking the question, it’s a very interesting topic. If you would like to share any ideas on it, please feel free to comment.


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