Store direct referrals not work

The option Store direct referrals is enabled.
But when the url has no affiliate id.
It’s no referral data has been created.

Please check my setting and tell me how to do it.

One Response to Store direct referrals not work

  1. Denitsa February 5, 2019 at 9:48 pm #

    Hello there!

    Your settings seem just fine to me. I have a couple questions to clarify the situation better:
    1) Do you receive an email notification for the sale (something in the lines of “A referral has been credited to the affiliate Direct (ID 1) )”?
    2) What happens if you disable the Store direct referrals checkbox, do you see the referrals for the respective affiliate then?
    3) If you are using WooCommerce, please make sure you have installed and activated the Affiliates WooCommerce integration through Affiliates > Settings, under the Integrations tab.

    And, last but not least:
    4) It could be that your site is blocking affiliate cookies, do you use any caching solution – e.g a caching plugin like W3 Total Cache, W3 Super Cahce, etc, a Varnish Cache or perhaps your server has a caching solution implemented (you can ask your hosting team about that)?


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