Hello; I have a deeply integrated groups/woocommerce/subscriptions system and am feeling very nervous about upgrading. I’m not clear if the current method of level access will be maintained or all the pages need to be updated?

I’m not clear if I should wait until all plugins (including woo) are updated to support the 2.x groups?

The instructions did not provide much clarity of the possible effects. Please advise.

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  1. Kento February 13, 2017 at 3:57 pm #


    Thanks for asking and although we have really taken a lot of precautions to make the upgrade process smooth and easy, there can be problems given the variety of dependencies that may arise with other plugins etc. We have of course tested the new release with Groups WooCommerce etc., but in any case, here are some recommendations:

    – Please have a look at the new Documentation and also the Migration Guide … the old documentation is still available so you can compare both if needed.
    – Before you upgrade, make a full backup of your site and its database.
    – Assure that you can roll back any changes if needed (based on the backup of the site and database).
    – It’s a good idea to try the upgrade on a staging site first, a site that replicates your production site but let’s you try out the new changes without affecting your users.

    Since the new release, we’ve had these reports on issues, so I’d also recommend to have a quick look:



    PS : I’ve relocated this thread to the forum for Groups Restrict Categories