Using affiliate link with cart discount coupon?

We would like to have a $15 referral amount for affiliates, but we also want to sweeten the deal to customers (clicking through the referral link) by automatically providing them with a $10 discount in their cart. This would be across the board, so multiple affiliates using the same coupon. I found a plugin that will automatically associate the affiliate’s coupon with their link, so this is taken care of, although I’m still unclear as to how coupons work in Affiliates Pro.

From reading through the documentation, it seems like coupons are only linked to individual affiliates, and that a single coupon can’t be used across multiple affiliates. Is that correct? I did some testing (stopping immediately before purchase) and it seems the $10 off coupon can be applied as a cart discount, but then does this mean the affiliate will get a $10 referral instead of $15? I’m confused about that.

Is it possible to automatically provide customers with a cart discount WHILE giving the affiliate the correct referral amount? This is rather unclear in the documentation. Thanks!

One Response to Using affiliate link with cart discount coupon?

  1. kento September 25, 2014 at 5:06 pm #

    Hi Dean,

    The coupons will grant a referral to the related affiliate – see Coupons for an explanation on how those work please.

    Regarding your question for an automatic discount, this isn’t possible but I’ll add this as a suggested feature to see if we can include this in an updated version.

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