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404 Error – Page not found with pretty URLs

Hi there, I posted this yesterday and thought I had resolved it, but it keeps happening. Basically, my affiliate links with the “ugly” format (numbers) work no problem, but the “pretty links” created with Affiliates by Username keep failing, giving me a “404 – Page not found” error. For example, this affiliate link works: http://www.gematria.co.uk/wordpress?affiliates=8 […]

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Pretty URLs have stopped working

I had pretty URLs working perfectly fine earlier today with Affiliates Enterprise and Affiliates by Username, but I’ve customised my affiliates page and I must have done something that has stopped them working. My regular (“ugly”) affiliate links work: http://www.gematria.co.uk/wordpress?practitioner=9 but my “pretty” links don’t: http://www.gematria.co.uk/wordpress/practitioner/AnaConda Would you be so kind to have a look […]

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Allocate purchase to affiliate

Hi there, I’m continuing with my implementation of Affiliates Enterprise, Affiliates Products, and Affiliates by Username. I am trying to make affiliate links the primary way of selling for my resellers. However, there may be some instances where this may not work and I’m wondering if you can help. So, this is a summary of […]

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I want my affiliate links to take my affiliates to my shop’s homepage

Hi there! I’ve created an affiliate link and given it a username with Affiliates by Username. How I want to use the system is by creating links manually myself and sharing them with affiliates as/when needed. I do not need/want a page on my site for affiliates to check their commission. I just want their […]

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Replicated Website

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I want to provide a replicated website for my members. To join my Affiliate program, visitors have to register to my website and automatically will be accepted as an affiliate. I already managed to get this working using Affiliate Users. Next I need to provide their affiliate link like www.mysite.com/username. Is this possible? So far […]

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