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Is this a Bug?


On the settings page for this plugin in the “Delete Data” section the first option in the list looks like this. Delete plugin data when the plugin is deleted? The word “deleted” is showing the strong element instead of rendering it. Refer line 324 of /wp-content/plugins/groups-file-access/lib/admin/class-groups-file-access-admin.php

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Deprecated: contextual_help

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Hello, I would like to turn your attention to a deprecation warning showing up since WordPress 5.4 that is flooding the error.log and is visible in the admin. We’re hoping that you can fix this in the upcoming release. Culprit is add_action(‘contextual_help’, …) within affiliates-pro/lib/core Thank you and best regards.

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Groups Restrict Categories invalid taxonomy bug

Hey, I’ve noticed that I’ve been having problems with groups restrict categories since enabling DEBUG_DISPLAY to test a plugin. I thought it may have been the plugin I was testing however I noticed that after I disabled all plugins except Groups & Groups Restrict Categories, and changed my theme to 2015 then I would still […]

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