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Top Up Affiliates

Hello, I use pay per click for promotion purposes I would like to manually increase the stats like visits or totals in the dashboard of an affiliate. Is this possible ? And is it possible when I have set an affiliate to close i.e. paid out that the stats like visits and totals are set […]

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Change decimal places

Hello, I have already searched the forum but the solutions I found do not work. I have as indicated : function affiliates_change_decimals_example( $decimals, $context ) { if ( $context === ‘display’ ) { $decimals = 2; } else { $decimals = 6; } return $decimals; } add_filter( ‘affiliates_referral_amount_decimals’, ‘affiliates_change_decimals_example’ ); entered in the wp config […]

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Need your advice

Hi. I had purchased Enterprise then found an integration problem with ARMember that my them heavily uses for membership registration, membership level payment/admin and profiles… so fairly necessary for my new site I’m hoping to launch in a few weeks They (ARMember – has integrated with your Pro version and based on my […]

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Api integration with third-party services

Hello, help me set up integration to get data from a third-party service. Here are links to the parameters and methods of the service: It is required to receive: clicID, order amount, partner ID of our network and so on I tried to figure it out myself using the documentation on the page: […]

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[affiliates_id] in cf7

Hi Antonio I need to insert the id field of the logged in user in a cf7 field Let me explain, I have a cf7 form on a page reserved for affiliates that allows them to send some data to the administration However, I need to create a field that contains the affiliate ID and […]

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Affiliates dissapering

We run affiliates enterprise with Permanent usernames in a 25 level tiered structure. When our affiliates looks in their Organisation overview – affiliates are vanishing / dissapering from their tiers. We have set up so only the amount per tier is showed like Level 1 – 25 affiliates Level 2 – 17 affiliates and so […]

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Stats referrals

Hey! Sorry for my English. Affiliates Enterprise plugin – shortcode : 1. How can I display the buyer’s email from the order? (default is user_email) 2. How to display Order No. now in the format: Protected: Order – February 8, 2022 @ 10:41 AM in format: Protected: Order #2028 – February 8, 2022 @ 10:41 […]

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Tiers Template

Hi guys! Hopes everything is good with you? I’ve been searching here in the forum about the tiers shortcode and I think that I talked with George about this before and he suggested something like expand/collapse via CSS. This is not optimal for us though we would like to style the render_tree with some flexbox/grid […]

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How to get name/email of person who visits through the link, another approach to make a manual payment

Hello. There are a few questions I need to ask regarding the affiliate enterprise plugin that I have been used: 1. Can we get the name or email of the person who visits through the link shared? 2. If we make payment manually, is there another approach? 3. What is the difference between affiliate and […]

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Problems in Setting up mlm system

Hello sir , i purchased affiliates enterprises (with at gmail dit com) but may be it’s not working properly or I’m unable to setting up properly because of it’s too complicated , please help me out asap, I have tried many times but it’s create problem What i want to do : I want […]

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Issue with Rehub theme

Sir/Ma’am, Order #30019, I just bought affiliate enterprise on 11/26/2021, download with version 4.10.0. It is the right version? I uploaded to my website, installed/Activated. Unfortunately, activation did not activate, no enable update, no view detail, or setup anything, nothing. After I activated, still see activate, not work. I can send you a short cut […]

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Formidable forms show Post Title

Hi! Thanks for a great plugin. I’ve been trying to figure out to how make the Post Title show up in Admins Referrals page and also show it for Affiliates via and with some tweaks like $entry->integration == ‘affiliates-formidable-forms’. When looking in the docs Form Referrals and Leads you can see the post title on […]

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