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We have 400+ learndash courses and 30k site users
Around 50+ courses are linked with woocommerce (Learndash+ Woocommerce).

My only concern would be this not being too time consuming for us to setup when we get a new affiliate. So when we get a new affiliate we would need to go into each course to add this affiliate? Am I understanding correctly? If so this could be time consuming since we have 400+ courses.

The idea is that an affiliate would receive a % off any sales from our site. While I think individual courses will not be a huge portion of this, I want to make sure the ability for them to get credit for this is there. Our more popular items will probably be live/on-demand exam prep and then CE bundles.

Also if I remember correctly – currently not all our individual courses are added as woocommerce products (some are still using LearnDash for checkout), do you know about how many we would then need to add to woocommerce?

Would this a 1 time set-up for a course or we have to do this for all our affiliates?

For example – if we have 50 affiliates and 100 products – Do we have to do this 100 times (number of products) or 50×100 = 5000 times?
When setting this up I guess the confusion is coming in here (at least for me). You can see this affiliate dropdown – when we setup a affiliate % for a product does what we put there apply to all affiliates or do we have to use this dropdown to add each affiliate individually?

This makes a big difference in terms of setup, are we able to just add the affiliate % details on the product and it applies to all affiliates or do we have to go add these affiliate % details for EACH affiliate?

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  1. George June 3, 2023 at 10:08 am #

    Hi Jeslin,

    Welcome to our support forum and many thanks for choosing Affiliates Pro to manage your affiliate marketing campaign.

    In general once you have set a rate, by specifying the rate Type and Value only, each referred sale on your WooCommerce shop will grant a commission to the referring affiliate. We usually call it a general rate because it applies without any exclusions.

    On the other hand, if you specify an affiliate for this rate, as shown in your screenshot, then the specified affiliate will get a commission based on this exact rate’s Type and Value. Such a rate should be used when you wish to grant different commissions on each of your affiliates.

    Something similar happens when you specify a product for this rate, whenever the specified product is sold through a referral, the referring affiliate will get a commission based on this Type and Value.

    Perhaps it would be easier if you mention what commission(s) you would like to grant, so that I can give you detailed instructions on how to setup your rates.

    Kind regards,

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