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Guidelines & Rules

Before you request support: Please read the documentation Search – many questions have already been answered, searching the site can give you immediate results. If you have not found an answer to your question, please post it in the appropriate section. Submitting a topic Be concise and precise: post one topic per single issue or […]

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Gravity Forms addon

I’m using the Gravity Forms addon for affiliate registration.I have custom registration fields in the form; Is there a way to sync the additional Gravity Forms fields with the “Manage Affiliates” data, so that when the Gravity Registration form is submitted the data is added to “Manage Affiliates” data? Thank you, Richard

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Banner URL

I need to create banners with unique URLs for landing pages, I do not see an option to add a click URL to the banner. In the Affiliate Area page it defaults to the homepage URL. I have several landing pages and need to link each banner to the corresponding landing page; can this be […]

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An unexpected error occurred… please send us zip files

When I attempt to install the “Affiliates Pro Woocommerce integration” at Settings/Integrations we keep getting the same error message “An unexpected error occurred. Something may be wrong with or this server’s configuration…” This is a bit annoying. Seems your chosen way of connecting or uploading is a bit different then other plugins. However, for […]

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Affiliate registration issue

Hi, there. I’ve set up the affiliate area page using the short codes provided by the generator but have an unusual problem. The login and/or registration areas are shown on the page, but if you attempt to register it says the password needs to be entered twice. However, the short code only generates a single […]

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Assigning a range of coupons to an affiliate

I’m setting up a range of approximately 500 coupons (WooCommerce integration) and wondered if there was any way to assign the coupons as a “range” to the proper affiliate. Example – Coupon codes “GH20180001 – GH20180200” (this is one group of 200, four groups of 200 each). Is there a way to do this. For […]

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An unexpected error occurred. Something may be wrong…

Hi there, We have the Affiliates Pro and tried to install the “itthinx updates” plugin and only got the error message “An unexpected error occurred. Something may be wrong with or this server’s configuration…” Then we downloaded manually the “itthinx updates” plugin and activated it properly. Now, when we attempt to install the “Affiliates […]

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301 Redirect

I would like to redirect affiliate links to go directly to the online store versus having to navigate from the homepage to the store. I set up a simple 301 redirect using a plugin on WP and the redirect works fine; however, affiliate traffic is not tracking when the redirect is in place. Is there […]

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