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Guidelines & Rules

Before you request support: Please read the documentation Search – many questions have already been answered, searching the site can give you immediate results. If you have not found an answer to your question, please post it in the appropriate section. Submitting a topic Be concise and precise: post one topic per single issue or […]

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Contact Form 7 Integration

How can I get the referrer information into a Contact Form 7 email? For example, if user arrives to URL such as this: I assumed I could get the referring affiliate’s information to CF7 by putting something like this in the form tab: [text* your-name] [email* your-email] [text your-subject] [textarea your-message] [hidden affiliate_id] [submit […]

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Hi George, Paypal Integration Settings-2 [duplicated]

Hi George, This is the continuing thread for this problem: Paypal Integration Settings That thread seems to be closed already so I am not able to reply from there. I just emailed you to with the exact process of my testing. We seem to be following the same process, do you know why yours […]

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Affiliate ID & Referral ID

Hi Team, How can I add a field called “affiliate ID” in the registration form so people can choose their unique ID. For example, if i want my unique affiliate link to be Also, I checked the Referral section in wp admin and it doesn’t show the name or paypal email or any other […]

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Erroneous Referral Compensation

I’m not sure what is wrong with the settings on the affiliate plugin. It’s supposed to track a one time payment of $29.97 for purchasing a subscription for $129.97 but instead they are compensated $3895.200000. I went through the settings but could not find the discrepancy. Would you mind looking over my settings? Thanks

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Plugin migration

Good day! We bought Affiliates Pro, seted it up on our test wp. Ofcourse when we were installing it we used license code and used itthinx update plugin. So the question is: if we migrate this plugin to our production, will we have any penalties for it? Because we bought a copy for single website. […]

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Paypal Integration Settings

Hi team, I have a few questions when I set up the paypal affiliation integration, hope you can help me with them. 1. Notification URL: My website is http and I have never upgraded it to https, which means I have to uncheck the “use secure urls” box right? 2. Return URL & Cancel URL: […]

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Trouble with Redirects

There is something wrong when I tried to login as an affiliate on my site. It shows an error “redirected you too many times. Try clearing your cookies. ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS” I don’t know why it seems like my site come into a 302 redirect loop which making it keep redirecting so I cannot access my page […]

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I have set up the affiliate system according to the documentation but when I tested them, there are some issues. 1. The Signup button and Login button are showing grey on my site, but they are clickable…Is there any way to change it to green or other colors which look working? Since this one will […]

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Registration Form & Paypal Commission

I just used the shortcode in Thrive Content Builder, but the registration form showing up is too ugly…How can I change the size/color of the words and the style of the form? Also, how can I set up recurring commission rate for 30 days for affiliate and maybe set different commission rate for second time […]

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attribute – custom

Hi, I am looking into customizing Affiliate Pro and require ability to add custom attribute to affiliates. Is this possible? I was not able to determine by looking at the API library. This custom attribute will be used to manage commission recalculation and distribution among affiliate OR and their referrals based on specific rules. Looking […]

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