Affiliates Pro

Guidelines & Rules

Before you request support: Please read the documentation Search – many questions have already been answered, searching the site can give you immediate results. If you have not found an answer to your question, please post it in the appropriate section. Submitting a topic Be concise and precise: post one topic per single issue or […]

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Wrong Software

I thought affiliates pro would allow affiliates to control their own campaigns but that is with affiliates enterprise. I need help as to buying the enterprise version because I have a budget allocated which does not include 2 different affiliate packages since the one we need is the enterprise and not the pro package. Please […]

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Affiliates setup

Hi, I’ve recently purchased and installed your Affiliates Pro 3.0.1 I’ve gone through the setup process, following your documentation. I’ve been testing the signup process, and I can’t seem to get new users to receive their active notification? I’ve setup so affiliates are approved automatically, but they don’t receive the “active” email with username, password, […]

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Affiliate area

Hi, I just bought this plugin a few hours ago. I should be honest, I have been in the wordpress development industry for the past 4 years, this is the most complex plugin I have ever worked with. I just want a simple Affiliate area dashboard with traffic stats and hits, commission earned and their […]

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Woocommerce with Paypal and Affiliates Pro

Hi Guys, My client uses Woocommerce with the Paypal Standard payment plugin. I see that the Affiliates Pro paypal plugin says it is not to be used with e-commerce platforms. What options are their to pay the affiliates? Also, even if I attempt to install the integration I receive the same error that I did […]

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Category based affiliate rates

Hi All, I can see that I can specify rates on individual products, but is there a way to specify these on a category level which then filter down to the child products. For example: Category A – 15% (for all products in this category) Category B – 13% (for all products in this category) […]

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