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Guidelines & Rules

Before you request support: Please read the documentation Search – many questions have already been answered, searching the site can give you immediate results. If you have not found an answer to your question, please post it in the appropriate section. Submitting a topic Be concise and precise: post one topic per single issue or […]

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WooCommerce Views not working

Hello, I installed and activated the plugin woocommerce views but when I use the following codes inside the affiliate page, the page simply goes totally blank. … code of the page … See that I just wanted to add this woocommerce information below on the page.

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Refund request

Please could we have a refund for the entirety of order 21814? We couldn’t get it tracking referrals after testing and have decided to look at other options.

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Affiliates Pro not working

None of the sales are being credited to affiliates, even though the proper affiliate links are being used. We have updated both WC and Affiliates Pro. Why won’t it credit it like it should? Are there settings we could be missing? It was working when we first installed it over a year ago. But it […]

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Affiliates Pro Erroe Messages.

I received this message yesterday thank you however I do have affiliates Pro installed and activated and am receievind the error messages indicated at the top of my dashboard: Affiliates WooCommerce Integration plugin requires an appropriate Affiliates plugin to be activated: Affiliates Pro or Affiliates Enterprise. The Affiliates Contact Form 7 Integration plugin requires an […]

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Error Messages received

Why am I getting these two messages after installing on my website: The Affiliates Contact Form 7 Integration plugin requires an appropriate Affiliates plugin: Affiliates, Affiliates Pro or Affiliates Enterprise Affiliates WooCommerce Integration plugin requires an appropriate Affiliates plugin to be activated: Affiliates Pro or Affiliates Enterprise. Thanks and regards Leon

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Link to the Order gives a 404

I was surprise to find out, after I just had bought the Affiliates Pro, that it has a really bad bug, any link to the orders are getting a 404 error, the link to the order is: By the way, force to post publicly on a forum to get support for a (well) paid […]

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Pay per Visit commission

Hey there, I have been using your product for quite sometime and its been great except for the currency I am waiting for you to add to the currency lists. I am using the pay per visit feature. Now I wanted to pay commissions to my affiliate when they invite new affiliates to my website. […]

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Issue with Events Manager when using cupons

Hi George! It麓s great, that the event is listed now in the transaction table. Many thanks for this! 馃檪 But there is an issue now (I don麓t think it was with the old version) when using a cupon!!! In this case the partner isn麓t listed in the table and when going to the detail, it […]

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We’ve found that the affiliate pro plug-in has stopped working. Affiliates no longer receive the money from whenever customers come from affiliates via the custom affiliate link… even when they use the affiliate code that gives %discount is marked as DIRECT and not as an affiliate purchase … currently if you see the screenshots I […]

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PayPal Mass Payment File not working

In the “Totals” page I attempt to export the PayPal Mass Payment File and it attempts to open the following page with a “No Results Found” result. [edited] If I try to just a basic export I get the same result. How do I please export these results for bulk payments into PayPal? Many thanks

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Commission settings – Affiliate Pro

We are using Affiliate Pro with Affiliates WooCommerce Integration Light We desire 30% commission for an affiliate. There are several locations to set a commission %: * Affiliates WooCommerce Integration Light * User Registration * Settings – Commissions What do we set, where to achieve our goal of 30% commission for this affiliate. Kind Regards

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