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I am using this plugin along side woocommerce and the woocommerce product vendors extension. The way we have our shop set up allows us to have multiple vendors sell a single product, giving the shoppers the ability to pick the seller. We want to restrict the shoppers access to certain vendors based on groups that they are assigned too. Each of our vendors has their own taxonomy, as well as their own resource (a post). We’d like to require each shopper to be in a group corresponding to the taxonomy or resource in order to checkout with that particular vendor. Currently, when applying a group restriction to the Taxonomy, it looks as though it is trickling down and actually placing that restriction on the product or category. We need the restriction to be on the Taxonomy, not the product/category. Is this possible with this plugin extension.

Quick Summary:
Woocommerce Product – Multiple Vendors per product – 1 group per vendor – Must be in vendor group to purchase from vendor (hide all other vendors)

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  1. George October 3, 2018 at 3:00 pm #

    Hi Daniel,

    Thanks for the details.
    I noticed based on your reply that my assumptions were correct.
    Since the taxonomy is restricted, all the products belonging to that taxonomy will be restricted.
    Also, products that belong to more than one taxonomies(vendors) indeed require a customer to be member of both groups in order to be able to access them. I think that my previous suggestion is the best in your case, you should restrict these vendors to the same group. In other words when you decide how to restrict a vendor, you should take into account the products that “belong” to that vendor.


  2. daxeltech October 2, 2018 at 4:47 pm #

    Hi George,
    I just realized that I accidentally linked image 3 A and B as the same image as Image 2. Here are links to the correct images that I reference in the text. Unfortunately, I couldn’t edit my previous post to switch the images. Let me know if you need further information.

    Image 3A.
    Image 3B.


  3. daxeltech September 28, 2018 at 11:15 pm #

    Hi George,
    Thank you for the fast response. I will try and detail the issues I am having a little bit further for you, as well as provide some screen shots below.
    WC Product Vendors does indeed create a taxonomy for each vendor. We have our WC Store set up so that all products and categories have no group restrictions (Image 1. A product in our store before any group restrictions are applied at the taxonomy (vendor) level). We want our restrictions to solely be group and taxonomy (vendor) based, so we are applying the group restriction directly to the vendors taxonomy (Image 2. The group restriction applied to the taxonomy). This way, all users will see all products and services available in our store but only be able to purchase them from the taxonomy (vendor) that they are associated with via the group restrictions. The issues lies in that when we apply a group restriction to a Taxonomy, it seems to be trickling down and also applying the restriction to the product and/or the category (Image 3A. A picture of our products page, showing the group restriction is trickling down. There is no group restriction applied specifically to this product, see Image 3B.)
    We also found that we are experiencing another issue with the group restrictions by taxonomy. I believe that this issue is arising at the product level from the Taxonomy restrictions. In short, When we have two Taxonomies that are restricted by two different groups offering the same product or service, a user must currently be in both groups to view and purchase the product. We want users who are in either of these two groups to be able to purchase the product or service from their groups corresponding taxonomy.
    This issue may be best explained with an example/scenario and if you need further information, please let me know as I can put one together.
    Image 1.
    Image 2.
    Image 3. A. B.

  4. George September 27, 2018 at 1:35 pm #

    Hi Daniel,

    The basic concept of Groups Restrict Categories is to restrict taxonomies which can be enabled through Groups > Restrict Categories. When a taxonomy is restricted to a group, its contents will only be accessible by this group members, otherwise the restriction wouldn’t have a purpose.

    Regarding WC Product Vendors, although I haven’t tried it, the same type of restriction should apply if the plugin is adding its own taxonomy. From your description I would assume that the issue occurs probably because of the functionality to assign one product to more than one vendors. If the product belongs to a group-restricted category, the product obviously is restricted to those group users only.
    For example awesome product belongs to awesome category which is restricted to Fantastic group. At the same time because of multiple vendors we decide to restrict awesome category also to Marvellous group.
    Awesome group members will have access to the category only if they are members of Marvellous group as well and vice versa, but it results in no access for any of these groups members.

    If my assumptions are correct then I think you should setup groups according to the vendors assigned to a product. In the previous example, if we assume that we assign awesome product to vendors Jack and John, you should add Jack and John to the group Awesome and then apply the restrictions to products for this group.

    Please correct me if I’m wrong as my suggestion is based on these assumptions. If you can provide some more details on how WC Product vendor works or perhaps even provide temp admin access to your site, so that I can have a closer look on how things are set.

    Kind regards,

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