Restrict widget on page hierarchies when they are generated by a plugin

Hello and thanks for your product which is full of possibilities.
However, I cannot figure how to make the appropriate settings.
I want to filter a certain widget (WiseChat) for certain pages (BuddyPress groups).
I am using the “hierarchies” filtering system of your plugin.

If I set the widget to diplay everywhere except groups/* , the groups are showing anyway.
(I tried plenty of other ways, with post id etc.)

I made a test with other pages generated by another plugin (AnsPress), and what I understand is that you system is working when it is possible to see the actual pages in the WP “Pages” section, like :
I mean that here, “categories” is defined as a child of “faq” by myself in the page settings, and all works well.

But when the plugin (be it AnsPress or BuddyPress or whatever) generates pages which do not appear in WordPress “normal pages”, then the restriction does not work anymore, and the widget (that I want to block) is showing, for example at :

So how to do ?
Maybe these pages are “custom type posts” and then the trick would be to filter them as such ?
But how to know which post types they are ? (And anyway sometimes when I see a list of CPT shown by other plugins for my site, I don’t see all of them. For example I’ve never seen BuddyPress CPT (if that exists).

I tried so many things, in vain…

I hope you can help.
Thanks a lot.

2 Responses to Restrict widget on page hierarchies when they are generated by a plugin

  1. Eric LUCAS May 11, 2020 at 6:50 pm #

    Hello and thanks a lot for the answer.

    In fact, I do not use your plugin called “Groups”, simply because I do not need it, since I use already BuddyPress, and the roles if I want to restrict users to some things.

    The problem is existing also for other things than groups, for example with AnsPress post, or apparently any other CPT, as you can see here in this very short clip:
    (I did the same after clearing any cache.)

    (I don’t have many notions of “week” or “weekend”, given that I’m working with my computer from wake up until sleeping every day:-)


  2. Eugen Bleck May 11, 2020 at 4:25 pm #

    Hi Eric,

    I trust you are safe and well. Hopefully, you had a great weekend. 🙂

    Thanks for using Widget Widgets Control Pro.

    Indeed no trace of BuddyPress CPT’s seen under Groups > Options. Hence if Groups doesn’t pick up on it, WCP restrictions won’t work.

    However, please allow me some time to look into this and share results with you as soon as I have a way forward. In the meantime please have a look at this resource and see if it helps:

    Once more, I wish to thank you for the patience you’ve exercised and I wish you a fun, productive, and fulfilling week ahead.

    Warm regards,

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