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I have the same issue as Sevan posted here: Has any resolution or workaround been discovered? As sevan states, the plug-in behaviour seems to be significantly different to the published documentation re AND/OR.

We are restricting content by age. Customers sign up for a group based on the age of their child. We want to assign categories based on what ages a post is suitable for and don’t want to show this content at all to other children, while have it appear to all the age group categories that are selected.

Can anyone help?

Grant Mason

3 Responses to Restricting multiple categories

  1. George July 23, 2020 at 6:11 pm #

    Hey Grant,

    Yes it does make sense and even for that case, if you add the five-year to the group 3-7 and 5-7 then it is possible again to provide access. Am I still missing something here?

    In order to add support for an OR conjunction among groups, we need to implement it to the plugin core and therefore I will mark this topic as a feature request for that purpose.

    Kind regards,

  2. Grant Mason July 21, 2020 at 4:22 pm #

    Hi George

    Many thanks for replying and clarifying the AND logic.

    In your example for my specific case, even if i did make such a user a member of the groups age-3, age-4 and age-5 etc.. as you suggest, i have some content posts which are suitable for, say, age 3-5, others age 3-7 and others age 5-7. I am categorising posts by selecting all of the age categories that apply. I would want the five year old to see all of these, not just the age 3-5. Does that make sense?

    Is there any way of amending the plug-in to change the AND behaviour to OR in our case? Would a developer be able to do this?

    Many thanks

    Grant Mason

  3. George July 20, 2020 at 12:03 pm #

    Hi Grant,

    Thanks for reaching our support forum for Groups Restrict Categories, hope you’re doing well with your project so far.
    Please allow me to clarify how exactly the restriction is applied when using Groups plugin and its addons. When a post type is restricted to a group, then only members of this group are allowed to visit and see that content, this is the simple case. If the post type is restricted to more than one groups, then users that have access are the ones that belong to each one of the restricted groups.
    The page with title Hello World is restricted to Premium group and user simon is a member of Premium. The user simon can visit and see the contents of that page properly.
    Assume now that we restrict that page to Gold group as well, so that now it is restricted to Premium and Gold groups at the same time. In this case user simon will not have access to that page and in order to do so he must also become a member of the Gold group, hence the logic AND conjunction among groups, the user must be a member of all the groups where the page is restricted to.

    In your case and please correct if I’m wrong you can use the following. If a user is a member of the group ie 5-years-old, then obviously is suitable of also being a member of ie 4-years-old group, 3-years-old group etc. So in other words a child aged five can obviously see content appropriate for 4-years-old children. Is that the case or are you assigning multiple groups with a different purpose?

    Kind regards,

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