Restricting WooCommerce product categories view via lock to user group

Hi there,

I’ve purchased this extension specifically so that I can show business related category products to business buyers only – users who have had their status linked to ‘ business user’ in user profile management.

We have a B2C shop onsite and a B2B shop onsite.

We need the B2B shop to appear behind a locked page – only available to our business users, no issue on that.

The issue that we are facing is that we only want the business category linked products to show on this B2B shop page and for them to not be available to see via the the B2C shop page. We do not want these business category products appearing on the other B2C shop page via Category drop down or search feature.

This is where I thought that your extension could help, but we’ve not been able to get it working at all?

Is there a guide for how to set this extension up for this sole purpose please, perhaps we’ve done this incorrectly, or your plugin does not work this way?

In summary, we need to:

1. Link WooCommerce Product Category to WooCommerce Product (Category name is ‘business product’)

2. Link business user to be able to view the products linked to business product category only – as only user type who can view the products linked to category noted

3. Set business category products to show only on the B2B shop page (which will be a locked page, standard WP default) – we will use Business category to show only those products linked via categorisation.

4. We do not want to interfere with what other users can see on the B2C shop page – we want them to be able to see everything except for the Business category linked products

5. We do not want the business users to see the B2C products in their shop page (will manage that via categorisation)

Can you please confirm that this is possible and confirm how do we set your plugin up to do this?

Thanks a lot for your help, greatly appreciate it.

3 Responses to Restricting WooCommerce product categories view via lock to user group

  1. Heidi May 24, 2015 at 7:03 am #

    Hi Antonio,

    Thanks for your reply on this. Appreciate it. Actually we are still not quite sure on how to set this up, it’s not working.
    Please see below:

    A. Groups
    1) Business
    > what Capabilities do i put here please?

    2) Standard – is this ‘registered’? or do i need to create a new group as well called ‘standard’?
    > what Capabilities do i put here please?

    B. WooCommerce
    Product Category: B2B
    Enforce read access ???? what do i put here please?

    SHOP DEFAULT: User access
    1) All store visitors to have access to default setting – which would be “all access for B2C store product cats” – business excluded.

    2) For website visitors who have been accepted as b2b customer status, we will manually change their user profile to Business, they will then be able to view “all access for B2B store product cats” and still retain their access to view the b2c default store pages as well. The b2b page will not show the b2c store category/ product information on the Business store page… only business categories and business products will appear there.

    I have set up a admin user id for you – can you please kindly login and check this out. Happy to send you a setup fee or something to help set this up for me, if needed. I do value your time. This might only take you a few minutes, I’ve been trying to work this out for hours, and I’m feeling pretty frustrated right now to be honest.

    How do we provide our login details to you PRIVATELY please?

    • kento May 25, 2015 at 4:46 pm #

      Hi Heidi,

      It looks like you’re struggling with something which is rather easy to set up, I’ll point you to the necessary resources so you can understand you to set this up.

      The first thing you should do is watch the video on this documentation page

      Once you have seen it, you will have the necessary understanding to apply it to your requirements up to where these are supported. Next please refer to this page – it will show you how to create a new category, a new group and a new capability in a single step.

      It’s preferrable that you understand how you need to have it set up instead of us reviewing it for you, so you can adjust things yourself anytime without the help of anyone else. If you need any further help after reviewing these resources and you still need us to go into your admin side, we’ll be happy to do so.

      For your business customers, you will have one category set up as Antonio proposed. You will be able to do this using the single step procedure described on the documentation page I’ve mentioned above.

      I noticed that you were asking for a page which would show products in the business customer category only, one solution is to provide a link to the product category page for those customers.


  2. antonio May 20, 2015 at 9:51 am #

    Hi Heidi,
    you could create two groups (‘standard’ and ‘business’).
    Restrict product categories per groups. You can do it editing/adding the category (be sure you have selected ‘Product category’ in Groups->Restrict categories)
    So if you have:
    ProdCatS — restricted to ‘standard’ group
    ProdCatB — restricted to ‘business’ group
    Only ‘standard’ users could see the products in ProdCatS, and only ‘business’ users could see the products in ProdCatB.
    Antonio B.

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