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Commission Payouts and [affiliate-name] token

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I am combining two issues into one ticket. Issue #1: Commission Payouts I am using Affiliates Pro 4.9.0, Woocommerce Subscriptions w/ just three variable subscription products and PayPal Standard. I created a 20% and 25% rates for the WooCommerce objects as illustrated here: https://nimbus-screenshots.s3.amazonaws.com/s/cc8d2fec88774595bc0babf0ea9d4101.jpg I then created an active affiliate user, used their affiliate link […]

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Display “N/A” when referrals totals is null

Hi guys, What would be the best way to achieve this? I can see that there seems to be a filter here available “affiliates_referrals_display_total_none”, however I was unable to find where this filter is added. $output .= apply_filters( ‘affiliates_referrals_display_total_none’, wp_filter_nohtml_kses( $if_empty ) ); When this line returns en empty string I would like to use […]

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