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This product has been discontinued. Support is provided to existing license holders but cannot be renewed. We recommend to use Groups WooCommerce instead.

Subscription page not redirecting to Paypal website

Hi, I’ve bought the Paypal module for groups, set up a sandbox account on Paypal, and added a subscription. It works up to this point, but when I click the subscribe button, the page refreshes and the subscription button is gone. I would expect at this point to have been redirected to the Paypal website […]

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Groups Paypal

I purchased Groups PayPaI because It included Sbscriptions. I am building a site similar to Etsy. Is there a way to deny/stop a vendor from accessing their shop, or dashboard if they are no longer paying for their subscription? If so can someone please give me the steps to do so…I am not a developer […]

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Doen’t work. Users are inactive

Dear, I downloaded today and installed the Group Subscription. But it doesn’t work: Here is the scenario: After client payed the IPN message was not handled. I don’t understand how to fix it. My skype: [edited]

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I am confused about paypal IPN I presume I am supposed add the IPN I see in Groups > Paypal to my paypal account (Selling Tools) I already have an IPN there for Woocommerce, ( I can’t see a way to have both, please advise, thanks.

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Invalid PayPal Link

Hi, I have discovered a problem when using a subscription which is suppose to have a 2x recurring payment. Example for a subscription setup which triggers the problem: Setup Price: 1 Subscription Price: 1 Currency: EUR Frequency: 1 Every: Month How Many Times: 2 Problem: After hitting the “Check Out” Button PayPal refuses and tells […]

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Request re plugin capabilities

Hi Recently bought Groups for Woocommerce. However I cannot find reference in any documentation about setting up timeframes. I’m wondering if I should have spent far more to buy Groups PayPal to achieve what I need. Can you please advise if Groups Paypal will suit my needs? Here is what I want to do: I’m […]

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Groups Paypal Sandbox Testing

Hi, I am in the final testing of our site. Thank you to Antonio and George for all the help. I am testing using PayPal Sandbox. The transaction goes through fine, the purchase redirects to my Thank you page, and the user is added to the right group (as viewed in Groups Subscription). 2 things: […]

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Manually add a subscription

Hi, can I take a user, add a subscription and set an expiration date? i.e. User Mark Cuban registers and wants to have a free 3 month subscription. Can I create this subscription manually and have it expire in 3 months? When Mark looks at his user profile, he sees the subscription and the correct […]

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Order can’t changed to completed automatically

Hello, We are using jigoshop plugin and Groups Subscriptions to sell subscription here However, when customer order for service and paid via Paypal, the order can not be changed to completed automatically. We have to manually change the status to completed. Can you please help us to sold this issue? Thanks in advanced Kim […]

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One off payments using subscriptions

I have set up a subscriptions which moves users between groups on a one off payment. Unfortunately, after 24 hours, the user is moved back and the subscription they made shows as “suspended”. How do i prevent this happening, because if I can get this right the plugin will be such a help. I have […]

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