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Groups Forums provides a powerful and yet light-weight forum system for WordPress sites.

Based on the free WordPress plugin Groups, unlimited forums can be maintained, where every user or only members of a group are able to post and reply to topics in a forum, while forums are still visible to the public [1].


  • Front End and Back End topic submission
  • Topic Moderators and Topic Assignees
  • Use it as a Support System with fully automated topic assignment
  • Sticky topics
  • Subscribe to topics with the option to leave a reply or not
  • Customizable comment notifications with Groups Notifications
  • Pending/published topic notifications for site admin, moderators and authors.
  • Support for theme templates with theme-neutral default templates provided for topics and forums
  • Widgets included : Forums, Topics, Topic Tags, Topic Search
  • Shortcodes included : list forums, let users submit and edit topics on the Front End, show user’s topics, topic tag clouds and topic search form
  • More information is available in the online Documentation


Give it a try! You can register a user account on the Demo site to post topics and replies.


Detailed information about the plugin is available in the Documentation.

Support, Feedback & Suggestions

…are welcome and can be posted on the plugin page.

What if it looks odd?

… AKA help with theme-specific templates and how to get or contribute these:

You can ask us to do it or do it yourself and contribute it.

Please refer to the Themes section in the plugin’s documentation and the Groups Forums Templates repository on GitHub.

[1] The free Groups Forums Restricted plugin restricts access to all topics so that only members of the Registered group can see them. Groups itself can be used to protect the page/s where the forums are shown.

If any other form of protected topics/forums (hidden from public viewing) is a feature that would be welcome, please drop a note there. Currently you can protect topics individually using the access restrictions provided by Groups, or protect them all by using the additional plugin.

Additional information


Single Site, Up to 25 Sites, Up to 5 Sites

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