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I have already purchased Affiliate Enterprise, but have some questions:

1. Multi Site (MS)
I have now set up a multisite network where I will host all my webpages. My goal is that affiliates can direct traffic via their affiliate link to any of these
websites and earn commission on each sale their visitors makes. On each website in the WordPress multisite setup has a Woocommerce webshop installed.
So my question is, can the affiliate be logged in at the main website in the multisite network and still be able to earn commision on sales on any of the websites/woocommerce installations?
If the current version does not support this, will it be integrated in future versions? When?
If you do not plan to intergrate this, I will need to look into a programmer that can script this for me. Any suggestion who I contact?

2. We have more than 1000 affiliates we will integrate in this system. To help them with sharing posts and stories from sites in the multisite network, we will send all affiliates a weekly html email where there will be suggestion of post´s they can share directly from the html-email they recieve. We need it to be as easy as possible for the affiliates to share and think this idea will help affiliates to easy share posts.

We planned to integrate the SHARE-plugin, but just relaised it had been removed from your site. Now you have 2 different plugins that will work with the enterprise version:
Add to any And Add this
Please advice which one will be the best plugin for our purpose

3. We would like our affiliates to be able to buy products on any of our Multisite websites using their earnings. Would that be possible by any of your plugins?

I HIGHLY appriciate if you could get back to me on the above questions

3 Responses to 3 questions

  1. Sondre February 17, 2015 at 7:06 am #

    Thanks for your feedback

    #3 Before we purchase the Affiliate coupon I have a question: I understand it has a Bulk-function, but would I be able to use the bulk function to create coupon to every affiliate based on their individual earnings?
    Will the outstanding earnings to the affiliate be closed after I make this bulk coupons?

    Thank you!

    • antonio February 17, 2015 at 9:57 am #

      sorry, Affiliates Coupons plugin doesn’t do it. Affiliates Coupons plugin creates coupons automatically when a new affiliate is created or with the bulk action to all affiliates, but these new coupons aren’t relating to referrals.
      In the solution that @itthinx proposes, you need to create the coupons manually with the referrals value and close the referrals manually.

  2. kento February 16, 2015 at 4:42 pm #

    Hi Sondre,

    Regarding #1 : If you have the affiliate system running independently for each site, then it would work, but the affiliates would have to sign up on each site independently. To make it work as you suggest, granting commissions on each site while there is only one centralized affiliate program on the main site, would require customization. As this is related to WooCommerce, I would suggest to check with the WooWorkers directory on WooThemes if you want a more immediate solution. We can also consider adding this functionality to Affiliates MS, but I can’t promise on an exact date for that.

    #2 Whether to use AddToAny or AddThis would rather be a choice of which system suits your requirements more, both integrations are equivalent.

    #3 You can issue coupons to your affiliates on a monthly basis instead of issuing payments.

    I hope the above helps, please let me know if you need further indications.


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