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Guidelines & Rules

Before you request support: Please read the documentation Search – many questions have already been answered, searching the site can give you immediate results. If you have not found an answer to your question, please post it in the appropriate section. Submitting a topic Be concise and precise: post one topic per single issue or […]

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Visits and Hits

Hello, today we started a campaign with a specific affiliate. If you go to his stats, he has 151 visits and 293 hits. But with my own tracking and his click stats from his email-service the target of new visitors is 232. Why is there this difference? Best regards.

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Commissions on reduced amount

Hi! How is it possible to adjust the affiliate enterprice plugin + woocommerce that the commissions for the affiliates in the upline are calculated based on the reduced amount? E.g: Productprice $100.– Affilate A gets 30%= $30.– Affiliate B (level 1) gets 20% of the reduced amount ($100-$30) $70.– = $20.– Affiliate C (level 2) […]

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Affiliate Sales Area

Hi! I’m using woocommerce, is there a way to provide a “secret” sales page for my affiliates, where they can login and are able to sell products when they are at the customers home? Some sort of “point of sale”? I want to give those customers give a chance to buy our products, without having […]

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Hi! I’m trying to use to show referrals to affiliates. I’m using your example in docs with less info about amount etc.. But it want show referrals first name or last name. Everything is updated to the last versions. Is it something I’m missing? Regards

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Social Media Signup

Hi, I have the Enterprise version of your software and I wanted to establish if it is possible to activate a social signup function within the software somewhere that will allow a new user to register as an affiliate via their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter accounts etc whilst giving credit to the person who referred the […]

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Mlm commission rates

Hi, I need help setting up following system. That\’s the hierarchy: Affiliate A | Affiliate B | Affilate C (Affiliate B was referred by Affiliate A, Affiliate C was referred by Affiliate B) Scenario 1: Affiliate A sells a product and gets a commission of 30%. Affiliate B and C get nothing. Scenario 2: Affiliate […]

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Split comissions in mlm

Hi! I need to set up following system: In a multitier system Affiliate A gets 20% if a he sells a product. In the downline of Affiliate A is Affiliate B. If Affiliate B sells a product, Affiliate B gets 10% and Affiliate A also only 10%. How do I set this up in Affiliates […]

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Form does not warn if user exists

The Affiliate Enteprise Registration form does not warn if a user tries to registerd with a email adress if that email adress exists. Actually the form does not do anything to give user a hint that a error occured. Is this common ? ..

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Is this possible in Rates?

i need to set up a two tiered rate system for clients that are referred by an affiliate: –25% of the client’s net sales for the first 3 months, and –10% of the client’s net sales for the next 2 years. how can i do that through the Enterprise rates setup? thanks in advance.

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Affiliate Enterprise Events Manager

Hello I am running a multisite with 1 subsite in. On Dashboard for singlesite – i recive this error “The Affiliates Events Manager Integration plugin requires the Events Manager plugin to be activated.” Both Events Manager Pro and Events Manager free is activated on BOTH Multisite admin (network activated) and on subsite. What could generate […]

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