Affiliate Registration Issue + Double up of Affiliate Referrals + Duplicate Emails

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Hi Guys

Wondering if you can assist with a few issues that have recently arisen.

1. Affiliate Registration (New User Registration) – affiliate detail added into our Affiliates Pro system however the new user is not receiving the email notification granting access (username/password notification). Affiliates > Notifications > Registration – Enable registration emails is enabled.

2. Duplicate Accepted Referrals (stemming from same Woocommerce Order #) – We are one occasion (not every time though) receiving duplicate referrals for orders for the same order number (i.e. someone purchases via an affiliate link and we are receiving 2 x accepted affiliate referrals for the same order in our Affiliates Pro > Referrals).

3. Duplicate Emails for accepted affiliate notifications Affiliates > Notifications > Administrator > Registration (Enable Affiliate registration emails is enabled) – Administrator Notifications > Referrals (Notify the site administrator is enabled) – Notify when a referral is ‘Accepted’ (is enabled) – we are receiving 2 x notification for the same referral.

4. Unable to manually add an Affiliate – +New Affiliate and we fill in the details to add an affiliate manually and we are unable to add the affiliate user

I have had our website developer look into these issues without success. Any help you can provide would be appreciated.

Warm regards


3 Responses to Affiliate Registration Issue + Double up of Affiliate Referrals + Duplicate Emails

  1. Denitsa May 13, 2019 at 11:23 am #

    Hello, Mark,
    All the issues you’ve outlined prompt to several questions:
    1) Do you have the option Allow duplicate referrals enabled under Affiliates > Settings > Referrals?
    2) Do you by any chance have the site administrator registered as an affiliate too?
    3) Do you have a caching solution on your website – be it a plugin or a server-side cache? If so, could you clear it and try adding a user again?
    4) Is there a specific error message you receive when trying to create a new affiliate manually?

    BTW, there is a new version of the Affilaiets Pro plugin, I’d recommend updating (if you haven’t already) 馃檪

    • Melissa May 15, 2019 at 4:22 am #

      Great. Thanks for the information Denitsa. I will forward onto our website developer to see if she is able to resolve from the help that you have provided. Much appreciated. Warm regards, Mark

      • Denitsa May 15, 2019 at 11:34 am #

        Hi Mark,
        You’re always most welcome! Please let me know how the process goes, I’d be happy to help sorting these issues out.

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