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First off thank you for all your help setting up the affiliate plugin for us. It was ahuge help. \\

My client has a question I was not sure about. Are we able to an affiliate link that is connected to an organizationa nd split the commisions=.

Ex. Kyle is oir affiliate, he is on the basketball team and teh school is having a fund raiser. Kyle has alink where people can use his affilaite link and purchase items. When anything is purchased a 40% commission is paid 35% to Kyle and 5% to the school.

Can this be done. also the captua your plugin uses is there a way to set it as a word or letter catpua and not a math question. the client says it give some of her older customers anxiety

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  1. George May 26, 2017 at 9:57 am #

    Hi Kevin,

    I think that the best option for your case is tiers feature of Affiliates Enterprise.
    If you already use Affiliates Enterprise plugin, then enable tiers under Affiliates Tiers and set level 1 commission to 0.05. The normal commission under Affiliates > Settings > Commissions should be set to Referral Rate and the value 0.35.
    After that go to Affiliates > Manage Affiliates and edit affiliate Kyle. Under section Tiers Referrers you can manually assign the referrer for Kyle which in your case should be the school affiliate.

    In General, when Kyle refers a sale, Kyle will get a 35% commission and the school will get a 5% commission. This will apply for all the sales that Kyle refers. You can find more info on how the tiers feature works in the documentation.

    Kind regards,

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