Capturing an affiliate isn’t working for me.

Hey guys, so here’s the deal. When an affiliate account is setup, the process is pretty straight forward. I send my tracking ID like this:

the problem I’m having is that the refid didn’t get captured in the sale.

I did not put code around my button on the page so I’m not sure if that makes
a difference or not, but according to the affiliate example it said to put code around the button.

According to the example in the plugin for Paypal, it says to put the code:

Enclosing PayPal button code

Use the [affiliates_paypal_form] shortcode to enclose your PayPal button codes, like in this example for a Buy Now button…

When I do that, my button doesn’t work because I’m not able to use form code. I’m using s2Member short code.

Does this make sense?

When I use the form code of s2member example buttons, the page breaks and the paypal button doesn’t work.

Sometimes it captures the affiliate and sometimes it doesn’t. I just did a test and it captures it for the “Direct”.

I would appreciate your help on how to implement the code around the button to help capture the sale. I thought maybe just sending the refid through http would help pass it through to paypal but apparently not.


One Response to Capturing an affiliate isn’t working for me.

  1. kento August 15, 2013 at 1:14 pm #

    Hi Cesar,

    If you are using s2Member, you need to install the included integration for s2Member, not the PayPal integration. The PayPal integration is used to enclose forms for PayPal buttons but not for those rendered through s2Member – the integrations are using different mechanisms.

    Go ahead and install the s2Member integration, then you will see a new menu item Affiliates > s2Member with setup instructions. Make sure that the settings are ok and that the notification URLs are updated accordingly. Also remove the [affiliates_paypal_form] shortcodes, they are not used with the s2Member integration. Once you have done that, make a test purchase after visiting an affiliate link.

    Closing this topic as the solution is to use the appropriate integration. Please open a new topic if you need further help.


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