Categories Problem

Hi, when I affect only one category to a post, all world perfectly, BUT when I affect 2 or more categories on one post, nothing appear with the subscription. Is there anything to do to allow to display the informations ?

Example : Package 1 permit to have an access to Category 1
Package 2 permit to have an access to Category 1 and Category 3
Package 3 permits to have an access to Category 1 and Category 2

I don’t undersant why I am limited to one category for a post.

One Response to Categories Problem

  1. kento October 7, 2014 at 5:49 pm #

    Hi Laurant,

    This is due to how it currently works. I’m currently looking into an optional logic which would allow a user to have access as a member of any of the groups of one of the categories that restrict access (related comment).

    Anyhow, I think in your case you can solve this by using several capabilities that are shared among groups.


    Group X – capability A
    Group Y – capability A, C
    Group Z – capability A, B

    Package 1 grants membership to Group X
    Package 2 to Group Y
    Package 3 to Group Z

    Category 1 requires capability A
    Category 2 requires capability B
    Category 3 requires capability C

    Please give that a try, I think that setup should suit what you describe.

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