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Hi – I’ve contacted you about this before. I’m sorry to again but I can’t seem to get this issue to go away fully. I had an affiliate reach out to tell me they were seeing the wrong name associated with their link. It doesn’t happen on every browser or every device and it can resolve itself once you put something in your cart. But Microsoft Edge and Firefox seem to be more troublesome than Safari and Chrome. I do use Divi as my theme so I’m not sure if that’s an issue, as well.

I use shortcodes to show information associate with the ID of the affiliate. Sometimes it’s flawless and shows the affiliates name and information throughout the shopping process. Other times, it shows affiliate information on the home page, the shop page shows information when you don’t use a link, and on the product page it may or may not show the affilate information or even show another affiliates information. I can switch between affiliate links and some work great and others lose the info in the shopping process. It seems like in most cases the cookie holds even though the info doesn’t display correctly, but sometimes it’s lost.

What’s really strange is that when I was in my siteground staging environment, it seemed to be working flawlessly. When I moved it to the live site, it started having issues again.

We use this for a fundraising site and as you can imagine, the affiliate freaks out when it shows someone else’s info other than their own. Is there anything more I can do to ensure it shows the right info?

Here’s a link that seems to have an issue on Microsoft Edge and Firefox. Chrome and Safari are better, but I can make the issue happen with those Edge and Firefox most of the time:

If that link doesn’t give you problems, please try clicking from Home to Shop to a Product back to shop, etc with some others. ?fund=108 – ?fund=120 are all active.

?fund=80 is one that will randomly show up on a product page after the shop page doesn’t show an active affiliate.

Any insight would be great! I have an understanding client, but the affiliates do not hesitate to voice their irritations. 馃檪 Thanks in advance!

One Response to Cookie Issues – Displaying wrong information

  1. George March 2, 2021 at 2:42 pm #

    Hi Erica,

    Thanks for submitting your topic and your follow-up by email.

    As you mentioned, the issue has been resolved after clearing the cache on your site. Also for future reference to other customers with a similar issue, the pages that contain affiliates shortcodes that display the affiliate id or generally affiliate-related info, should be excluded from caching.

    I will mark this topic as Resolved, but if further assistance is needed, we will be more than happy to help you again.

    Kind regards,

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