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Hi, i have bought your affiliates pro plugin but i have some difficulties in using it, firsto of all because many points are in english, other in italian, other in spanish/portuguese?!? Can i have it only in one language please? English would be fine or italian but not a mix of theme.
The main point is that i want to create a coupon of 10% discount and associate it to an affiliate that will gain 10% of commission. How to do this? Please explain, many thanks. Fabio

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  1. George February 19, 2021 at 11:51 am #

    Hi Fabio,

    Please make sure to deactivate/delete Affiliates WooCommerce light and install Affiliates WooCommerce instead through your Dashboard under Affiliates > Settings > Integrations (tab). If the button to install the integration is not active then make sure to also install Itthinx Updates plugin and add your license key in the settings.
    The light version of the integration is intended for the free version of Affiliates plugin and doesn’t support referrals by coupons.

    Kind regards,

  2. Davide Ruini February 19, 2021 at 8:53 am #

    Sorry George, i forgot to tell you that i have installed Affiliates pro plugin and Affiliates WooCommerce Light plugin. Is it enough or something missing? Thanks again

  3. Davide Ruini February 19, 2021 at 8:50 am #

    Hi George, sorry but i made all the points that you explained to me but it does not work. If i make a trial order using the coupon (connected to the affiliate with a rateo 10%) nothing happens. In the affiliate page there is no referrals/earnings and in the wp affiliates admin too. What could be wrong? Thanks for your help, Fabio

  4. George February 15, 2021 at 11:54 pm #

    Hi Davide,

    Welcome to our support forum and many thanks for using our affiliate marketing tools on your site.

    Apologies for the translations, these come from users who are willing to translate the plugin to their own language and as it seems Italian translation is not complete. You can skip that and use only the English version if you go to the plugin files and under:


    rename the two files named to something else. This way the plugin will use the default English language.
    If you would like to contribute to these translations you’re most welcome to do so and by following this guide we will be more than happy to include a full translation in the next update of the plugin.

    As for the coupon you wish to assign, once you create it in WooCommerce > Coupons, or Marketing > Coupons (depending on your WooCommerce version ), go to your affiliates under Affiliates > Manage Affiliates, edit the desired affiliate and click on + New Attribute. In the new page select Coupons and add the coupon code in the Value field. Each time this coupon code is used and for as long as it is valid, the affiliate where the coupon is assigned to will get a referral.

    The commission granted depends on the rate(s) you use and even though it cannot be coupon-related at this point, you can set a specific rate for that affiliate. Go to Affiliates > Rates, click on New Rate and then select as Type Rate for percentage or Amount for a fixed amount and give a Value for that commission. Further down this form, for the Affiliate field select your affiliate from the dropdown list and finally click on Create button. Each time this affiliate refers a sale either through his/her link or simply whenever the assigned coupon is used, the affiliate will get a commission that equals the Value of this Rate.

    If on the other hand you need to give a specific commission for this coupon code, then you should use formula rates and adjust the commission depending on the coupon (if any) that exists in the referred order. For that purpose you need to use a rate of Type Formula and also use the filter hook affiliates_formula_computer_variables to adjust the final rate once you check the coupon of this order id – the order id can be found in the $context array parameter of the filter hook.

    Kind regards,

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