Error on Import & Documention

Hi there I would like to request a refund. I have tried multiple methods of import mentioned in your documentation. None of them are working.

1. says to save as CSV then says to save as text file with tab separation. Neither of these work

2. mentions a Help tab which does not exist

3. Documentation says to do an export to get an example file but Export pre-populates with about 100 fields and if I try to delete them my browser hangs for about 5 minutes. Can’t you set the default to be common user profile info and woocoommerce address?

Why does it need to be so complex? Provide us with a downloadable example file (that works) inside the plugin under import.

Spent hours on this that I can’t bill to my client so this purchase has already cost us a lot of money.

One Response to Error on Import & Documention

  1. George November 12, 2018 at 8:57 pm #

    Hi Lawrence,

    Of course we can proceed with the refund, but if you like we can perhaps have a look at the import file you are using in case there is a mistype or something unusual.
    In order to have a more thorough view of the situation and since I’ve noticed that you have been using the plugin for while now, did those issues with importing occur recently, or with a specific plugin version?

    FYI, the Help tab appears on the top right corner of WP Dashboard and gives you information and examples on how to use the plugin for importing and exporting. Also, when exporting users, the extended profile data are exported only if you enable the option, in other words you don’t need to delete each option from the list.

    If you like us to have a look at your import file, you can send a copy to

    Kind regards,