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I can finally see the commission which is great. However, I have a few issues I need help with to be fully functional: This is the login page:

1. How do I don’t get notified by email when a new affiliate signs up? (I’m listed as admin and checked all settings and still don’t get notified.)

2. Is there a way to have banners in the affiliate area after login and not on the regular page I’m worried people will use the generic code and not have their unique code (plus it looks messy.)

3. How do affiliates change their auto generated password?

4. What is the process for payouts? I can see the option to add a Paypal account but nothing else. I’m using WooCommerce

Thank you!

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  1. antonio August 12, 2014 at 6:28 am #

    1.- In Affiliates->Notifications if you select “Notify the site administrator” this should work.
    2.- It seems you have something wrong in your affiliate-area page. Be sure your banners are between [affiliates_is_affiliate] and [/affiliates_is_affiliate]
    3.- Affiliates registration is based on wordpress registration so the affiliates can change their password in their user profile page.
    4.- Affiliates plugin doesn’t process the payouts, you must do it manually e.g. the end of each month.

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