How to get name/email of person who visits through the link, another approach to make a manual payment

Hello. There are a few questions I need to ask regarding the affiliate enterprise plugin that I have been used:
1. Can we get the name or email of the person who visits through the link shared?
2. If we make payment manually, is there another approach?
3. What is the difference between affiliate and referral? Who is a referral?
4. How do we get the referral name in the traffic area? Is it the user who needs to sign up through the affiliate link?

Hope you can answer all of my questions soon. Thank you in advance.

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  1. Eugen Bleck December 9, 2021 at 2:29 pm #

    Hi there Bernard,

    Good morning. I trust you are well and safe!

    Thank you so much for reaching out and for asking your question.

    With regards to your inquiry;
    1. Yes, it is possible to get the name or email depending on what action they carry out after using an affiliates link. For instance, Affiliates provides integrations that allow recording commissions for referred sales and tracking form submissions to the referring affiliate. You can read more on these integrations here. Affiliates also provides the option to display referral data and description sections under each referral record. You can also read more on this here.

    2. With regards to payments, all the payments to affiliates are processed manually. This is can be done from Affiliates > Totals. Once there, you can create a Mass Payment file that will include the necessary info for Referrals with preferably Accepted status and can be processed in payment gateways that support bulk payments like PayPal. You can read more on this here

    3. Affiliates refer the individuals that promote your site and products for a commission, whereas the referral is the record that is kept once an affiliate link/coupon is used by a user.

    For example, let’s assume you have a site that sells hats and you have a user called John who wishes to promote the hats in your store for a fixed price or percentage. You would call John an Affiliate in this case and whenever John’s link or coupon is used by a client to make a purchase, a referral would be recorded for John(the affiliate). Furthermore, a referral isn’t a person.

    4. Within the Traffic section you can get the Affiliate’s name and details about the link traffic that affiliates drive to the site through the use of their affiliate links. Once a user signs up as an affiliate, an affiliate link is generated for him and whenever this link is used, the system attributes the affiliate to the activity. You can read more on Affiliates registration here.

    I remain available if you have any further inquiries.

    Once again, thank you so much for choosing and using Affiliates Enterprise.

    STAY SAFE and I wish you a very fine and productive day ahead!

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