Multi level registration at checkout

Is this plugin and if not does not anyone have info where to go since no one seems to know: I want to be able to have 3 levels of membership/affiliate- retail(customer) just the normal checkout out, then Green Member ( they get a price discount and reflects using the dynamic plugin and page role) and then the 3rd wholesale/distributor9even more price discount). I have the levels in the woocommerce set up and the pricing set but currently they just can register as a customer and then we have to manually change them to the respected membership level. That in turn would make them pay full price if they chose to be a different level. I need to be able to let them register which account then want to join and then be able to register for it without us having to do it for them. We are not charging for any level of this. we currently use xcart and they have this system of letting us have them register right away and then all pricing reflects there chosen members/affiliate level.

I have been seeking help for 8 days with this so please someone help me- we have never used woo and are in dire need. thank you guys and ladies

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  1. George October 12, 2015 at 9:08 pm #

    Hi marc,

    Please correct if i’m wrong but i believe that what you need is WooCommerce Group Coupons, Groups WooCommerce and Groups. Also, have a look at the respective documentation pages for Groups WooCommerce and Groups.

    Kind regards,

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