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Hey, sorry to bug you again.

I just want to understand what the steps are to paying affiliates month after month with their residual commissions from the subscriptions they referred.

After I download the file and upload/send the money via paypal… Do I hit the “close referrals” tab after I download the file every month? What happens when I hit the close referrals tab? Does that close the funds/reset the funds they are owed to 0?


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  1. kento September 16, 2013 at 10:46 am #


    The process is to first generate the totals and then close them with the same filter settings used. So yes, you would hit the close button after you made the payments, that brings you to a screen asking for confirmation and after you confirm, the corresponding referrals are marked as closed. Note that nothing is ‘reset’ in that sense, but rather marked as handled.

    The documentation page for the process is this one: Payments – you will find the whole process described in detail there.


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