Problem with Add Manual Referral


I followed the directions Kento gave me in his email pasted here: (I originally sent screenshots to Kento but I can’t see how to attched them to this ticket submit)

“Hi Susan,

Many thanks for using our software and it’s great to hear you find it excellent, makes me
proud to hear that as its lead developer!

Regarding your question, you can edit the referrals manually. See also

Managing Referrals

I hope that helps. Please direct support requests to our premium support section where
our support team is happy to help you further if needed:



In other words I split up the Direct affiliate commission total (which was $6.15) and
distributed it manually using “Add Referral” to 3 other affiliates, then I closed the
Direct affiliate referrals back to zero.

You can see the three amounts on the attached screenshot of the manual referrals: $1.45,
$2.75 and $1.95, which total the $6.15 I was distributing from the direct affiliate
before closing it off. (I don’t know what the two 7c and one 5c amounts are from. In fact
there should only ever be, when a commission/referral has come from a sale, two amounts:
$1.35 (15% of the sale amount of $9) and 5c on all levels up to 9, then 4c, then 1c.)

You’ll notice on the 2nd page some odd commission/referral amounts of 67c and 2c – I
cannot work out where these amounts would have come from. I double checked my tier
settings and it is all correct, and most of the other referral amounts are coming out

But on the third page of the attachment, where I have gone into “Totals”, the amounts are
crazy. I initially distributed the Direct amounts to take the top two affiliates up to
the minimum mass payment amount of $10, then I was going to close them off on the Totals
page after paying them. Jemima was on $8.09, so her increase of $1.95 should have taken
her to $10.04, Cody was on $7.29, so her increase (from the direct aff) of $2.75 should
have taken her to $10.04 also, but currently the total for Cody says $25.60 and for
Jemima it says $12.74. An affiliate that I had paid and just closed (Samantha Marshall)
says 13.24 instead of zero. What could be happening here? This is worrying me very much.

Can you please urgently reply and instruct me.


God bless,


2 Responses to Problem with Add Manual Referral

  1. antonio July 25, 2016 at 5:14 am #

    Hi John,
    Please attach the screenshot using or you can send me dashboard admin access to antonio[at] and I’ll have a look at this.
    Antonio B.

    • antonio August 15, 2016 at 6:17 pm #

      Hi John,
      Thanks by the creadential.
      The 5c and 7c seems the commissions generated by the multi-level. 0.04 x 1,35 = 0,05 c
      I suppose this is the same reason why your total is not exactly how you want. Rememeber that if you generate manual commissions, the multi-level keeps working, so creating a referral you can create multiple referrals to the levels.
      Kind Regards,
      Antonio B.

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