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I have just realised from my first month of using this plugin that it needs to better integrate with reporting.

For example i sell third party products on my website at a 40 / 60% split.

At the end of the month i run the accounts and can see how many products sold and how much they made.

However i cannot see the price made and what chunk is an affiliate amount.

For me to calculate that i have to open up each order individually and then work out the deduction of the products.

Where / how can I see each product and how much money is due to affiliates for that product.

For example – lets say the product is $10 and my affiliate pay out is 20% and i sold 5 copies.

At present in reporting there is no where for me to see that the amount made by the product is $50 and the payout for the product is $10. This feature would be extremely helpful because i cannot see how i can scale up my business with a load of affiliates selling hundreds of product – because right now i have to manually go in and read EVERY order and calculate from there.

Actually there is a similar issue in Woo Commerce with coupons – there is nowhere in reporting i can see a products monthly sales total minus the coupons used – it only shows number of sales x cost of product. This is not your issue but it’s a similar issue.

There needs to be somewhere i can see for each product

(Number of sales x Product price) – affiliate payout

I hope this makes sense.

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  1. kento June 14, 2013 at 7:54 pm #

    When you say 40/60 split for third-party products, is that a fixed commission? If so, the Affiliates Products plugin might be interesting.

    On the reporting side, the extension I’ve added the other day – – I think it could be extended a bit so that you can filter by product. That would really be a customization that needs a budget though.

    Regarding the reporting features that WooCommerce offers, to be honest, I find them quite lacking myself. The system is great, but isn’t up to standards that you would be used to in a medium-sized or large business in terms of reporting features. BI module pops into mind …

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