Split comissions in mlm

I need to set up following system:
In a multitier system Affiliate A gets 20% if a he sells a product. In the downline of Affiliate A is Affiliate B. If Affiliate B sells a product, Affiliate B gets 10% and Affiliate A also only 10%.
How do I set this up in Affiliates Enterprise?

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  1. Denitsa June 26, 2019 at 6:02 pm #

    Assuming that you already have Tiers enabled, you can set different rates for different levels through Affiliates > Rates, by entering the desired tier in the Level field when creating a new rate.
    For example:
    Affiliate A was referred by Affiliate B;
    The default ‘normal’ rate is 20%;
    The rate for Level 1 is 10%;
    Affiliate A would get the “normal” default rate of 20% on a referral they have made, and Affiliate B would get 10% for the same referral. Here’s the documentation page, if you’d like to take a look at it -> http://docs.itthinx.com/document/affiliates-enterprise/tiers/
    There isn’t currently a way to split the commission between the affiliate and the referred affiliate. You could try using the free Groups plugin (https://wordpress.org/plugins/groups/) and manually create a group for all the affiliates that were referred by another affiliate (Affiliate A from the example above would fall in that category), then set a rate of 10% for that particular group, and set a Level 1 rate (for the referring affiliates) of 10% too.
    I hope this makes sense, don’t hesitate to ask further if you feel any of the points need clarifying.

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