Updating affiliates from core php


I am new to affiliates and i am posting for some help on API

we have a core PHP website and a WordPress blog

we have installed the affiliates plugin on the WordPress blog which is on a separate directory. we have the signup page on the root directory which runs on core PHP. the requirement here is we want to track the affiliates who come and signup on the core PHP pages to be updated on the WP BLOG where the affiliates plugin resides

I assumed the API will be the right solution so that we can call the REST API to update the affiliates account when someone signs up for the subscription

so, how do i use the API of the affiliates to be used on the core PHP pages. all the signups, payments and business logic is in the core PHP and the affiliates is inside the blog which is powered by WP

Please can you help on how to use the API from core PHP so that I can update the affiliates that is in the blog wp directory

hope I did ask the questions without any confusion

Pls help here as we have not used the affiliates for a long time

Best regards,
Thiagu mm

One Response to Updating affiliates from core php

  1. George August 31, 2021 at 11:15 am #

    Hi Thiagu,

    Thanks for reaching out to us regarding the API. Even though Affiliates plugin doesn’t provide a REST API at the moment, you can still create an affiliate for a newly added user in a slightly different way. Once the new user is added to the WP site via a REST request I assume, you can make this user an affiliate using:

    For this case perhaps it would also be handy to check the hook for new users added via REST:

    Regarding your other support topic, normally you wouldn’t need an API key but out of curiosity where did this prompt appear and under which circumstances? FYI, you may follow-up here for both cases.

    Kind regards,

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