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Guidelines & Rules

Before you request support: Please read the documentation Search – many questions have already been answered, searching the site can give you immediate results. If you have not found an answer to your question, please post it in the appropriate section. Submitting a topic Be concise and precise: post one topic per single issue or […]

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Affiliate pro questions for my affiliates

Hello George and Eugene, and maybe someone else 馃檪 I hope you guyz are doing great and that you are safe at home 馃檪 I come to ask you some questions because i have a very implicated affiliate that asks me a lot of questions and that is limited by some part of the Affiliate […]

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Commission & Tiers

Hi, I am planning on selling 2 types of products on my site. The first type of product is known as the simple product type where the product is added via the WooCommerce and the customer checks out via our site. The second product type is an external affiliate product type and the customer checks […]

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Can’t add woo commerce plugin after buying Pro

Hello I just bought Affiliate Pro however I am not able to add the woo commerce integration plugin. I have installed the updates plugin and added the license key. This made it so an “install” button appeared on the plugins integrations tab, however clicking that install button just redirects me to a page that says […]

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Affiliate not work correctly

why my affiliate cannot connect correctly to the referrer, example, the affiliate doing a repeat order, it supposed to be a comission for the referer, some times it work, but some time not work. we using 2 tiers affiliate rate. we already using affiliate enterprise. thank you

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Theme Compatibility?

I am currently using Storefront as a theme. I attempted to use Themify and your affiliate plugin failed. I have been having other problems with Storefront. I am wondering if you have a list of themes that are compatible with your affiliate plugin?

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Commission rates per level in a multitiered system

Hi Eugen, can you kindly guide to where I can learn more about adding Commission rates per level in a multitiered system. I have found this tutorial however, it doesn’t seem to show how to set commission rates can be set per level in a multitiered system. Please advise further. Regards Chris

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No item name in dashboard referral

Hi again! My first question is why this thread is closed though I’ve still asked for help? Will try to explain again what’s wrong: Installed: Affiliates enterprise 4.4.0 Affiliates Permanent 1.5.0 Affiliates Stats Filters Order Details 1.0.2 by By George Tsiokos (to test pending se topic ) Affiliates woocommerce integration 3.1.0 Woocommerce 3.8.1 […]

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Unable signup Affiliates

After filling in the standard affiliate application form and hitting signup button it returns the same form with affiliate information. Checked the “Manage Affiliates Section” in back-end, no affiliate show up, no email sent saying a new Affiliate has signed-up.

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