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Wrong Software

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I thought affiliates pro would allow affiliates to control their own campaigns but that is with affiliates enterprise. I need help as to buying the enterprise version because I have a budget allocated which does not include 2 different affiliate packages since the one we need is the enterprise and not the pro package. Please […]

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Display “N/A” when referrals totals is null

Hi guys, What would be the best way to achieve this? I can see that there seems to be a filter here available “affiliates_referrals_display_total_none”, however I was unable to find where this filter is added. $output .= apply_filters( ‘affiliates_referrals_display_total_none’, wp_filter_nohtml_kses( $if_empty ) ); When this line returns en empty string I would like to use […]

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Differentiate different “Sale” referrals

Hi guys, We’re improving the Affiliate Stats shortcode and we would like to differentiate different type of “sale” referrals. To be more precise, we’d like to add something in the [data] key of the variable $IXAP15 (in “class-affiliates-affiliate-stats-renderer-wordpress.php”) when the referral was made through a permanent association. Currently, there are no information I can use […]

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Multi-tiered commission with Affiliate Product

Hi guys, So we’re using Affiliate WooCommerce, Affiliate Products and Affiliate Enterprise. We have Affiliate A with someone in his team, Affiliate B. We have an affiliate product that gives a commission of 15% to Affiliate B. Affiliate WooCommerce gives a 10% commission for every products. Affiliate Enterprise provides a commission for the affiliates lvl1 […]

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jQuery Error

Hi there, We recently have a jQuery error that crashes the entire “My-Account” page, the problem goes away when we deactivate Affiliate Enterprise. We have not altered any core files. I was editing the page with Visual Composer when I noticed a few things were wrong with the page. It seems to be related to […]

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Error Message Installing Integrations with Affiliate Enterprise

I just upgraded to Affiliate Enterprise today. I also installed the updater. I can see all of the Integrations available under settings, but when I click on “install” I get this message: An unexpected error occurred. Something may be wrong with WordPress.org or this server’s configuration. If you continue to have problems, please try the […]

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Affiliate Enterprise not showing Total Earnings but shows Accepted referrals pending

We purchased and installed the Affiliates Enterprise plugin today. http://market.vedafoods.com/?vedaaffiliates=c81e728d9d4c2f636f067f89cc14862c is one of the generated links. In testing the Administration panels shows 4 referrals but there isn’t any thing in the amounts. We have set the Commissions Method to Referral Amount Method Referaal rate but no payment is ever shown in the dashboard. It is […]

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