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Define user email for new imported users

Hello, I just bought Import/Export extension, so I am new to Import/Export Groups. I need help in creating the mail which is sent to new imported users. I found the API with the filters ‘groups_import_export_new_user_registration_subject’ and ‘groups_import_export_new_user_registration_message’ Is there an example to find, how to add the filters to my functions.php in my child theme? […]

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Exporting Woocommerce Subscriptions ‘next_payment_date’

Client of mine has a fitness club with a membership site setup with WooCommerce Subscriptions. She was looking for an easy way to get a list of active members, emails and when their current subscription was up. We have Groups, Groups WooCommerce, Groups Restrict Categories and this at our disposal now. Looking through the code, […]

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Export Affiliate Info by Group


I am trying to export affiliate info based on the group. The Groups Export doesn’t have any of the Affiliate Info the export (but all the user info) The Affiliate Export doesn’t have any of the User Info to export (but all the affiliate info) This makes it incredibly difficult to organize the affiliate data […]

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Data Export and status-changes

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Affiliates want to have detailed information about payments. To do this I need more details in export so they can check if right. How can I do this? The Export-Plugin ohne export totals. – order-number – name of affiliate – order-amount (if possible) – amount of provision Next there should be a activation flag like […]

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