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Coupons Not Automatically Created

Hello, I install Affiliate Enterprise, Coupons, Permanent, Products, Woocommerce Integration I create a scenario like this: I enable Affiiate Coupons (my purpose is every new affiliate will get their woocommerce coupon automatically) User A have Coupon: disc2 User B use Coupon from User A when purchasing product. Then User B “SUCCESSFULLY” under User A in […]

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Regarding my previous ticket of affiliate coupon by username

Hi, I am creating new topic, coz I am unable to post a reply in my previous post: I have installed the plugin as you provided me in email. When I have tried to generate bulk coupons as well as automatic coupon of new affiliate account by username, it is still generating same as […]

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Could You please respond me for my previous topic?

It seems you have not displayed my previous topic here, so can’t send the link for that but I have submitted with following title: “Coupon code not generated as I expected”. So please take a look on it and let me know about the way to setup the coupon plugin as I wanted.

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Coupon code not generated as I expected

I have purchased the affiliates username plugin. I am trying to generate coupons from my website like this: B2Rakesh. (B2 is prefix and Rakesh is the username) and so I just tried in bulk coupon option like this: b2{affiliates_by_username}. But when I see into woocommerce coupons, the code are not generating in this way b2{affiliates_by_username}4-1, […]

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Having a concern about the coupon plugin

Recently, I have purchased two plugins – affiliate username and affiliate coupon.. I was skipped to notice that the affiliate coupon plugin is not supported with affiliate plugin but it is required for pro or enterprise version.. Now as I have purchased the coupon plugin, And must purchase for pro version.. so could you please […]

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Show coupons discount+commission to affiliate

Hello I have installed affiliate pro+affiliate coupons+ woo-commerce integration Everything is working fine. When affiliate logged-in to the system and check his affiliate-area section i want that:- beside of each coupon it’s discount rate for customer and commission rate for affiliate will also shown. Means to say if Affiliate A have a coupon aff-1 through […]

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how to use coupons on subscriptions

Hello support I have purchased Affiliate Pro along with Woo-commerce integration. Currently i have purchased the coupons add-ons for it. I have added coupons to different affiliates successfully Now the problem is when i am trying to apply these coupons onto my subscriptions (which are actually products in my system), they are not applying. Can […]

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Affiliate Coupon for Single product Only

Hellow, I want to implement affiliates coupon just only in the very beginning costumer purchase. So I want it to apply only for one product So, if the user use the coupon for another product, the systems will say “Sorry the coupon is not valid for this product”. Is that possible? Thank you

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Disconnected Affilates Coupons

We installed Affiliates Coupons and we running into issues with the coupon code not showing up for the Affiliate so we can give them credit. We use the following short code on the pages but noting is showing up for them even though user have used their code. [affiliates_woocommerce_orders] Some guidance around how to get […]

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Add Last Name to Coupon Code

Is there a way to add the last name of an Affiliate to the auto coupon code using a token like {affiliate_LastName}. I need a way other then random number, and the ID to auto assign them to Affiliates.

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Apply coupon before tax.

Hello, How can I create a coupon for just one user where the discount is 50% before tax? I tryed to create a new coupon by AFFILIATES COUPONS PLUGIN but I didn’t see any differenze in woocommerce coupon. where can I fix the discount before tax? Thanks M.

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