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Before you request support: Please read the documentation Search – many questions have already been answered, searching the site can give you immediate results. If you have not found an answer to your question, please post it in the appropriate section. Submitting a topic Be concise and precise: post one topic per single issue or […]

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Need affiliates to have multiple and custom links

Hello I have a WooCommerce site and I would like an affiliate plugin that can do this on an affiliate basis: Affiliate X Where I, as an operator (business owner) can determine the string value of ABC and XYZ (so it’s not determined for example by the affiliate ID or username as in […]

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Cannot Edit Limit coupons to products

Good day, On the admin of affiliate coupons – we cannot edit the “Coupons issued are currently limited to these products:” as the input field causes an error to be sent: ///// Error Details ============= An error of type E_ERROR was caused in line 392 of the file /nas/content/live/shadesofyoga/wp-content/plugins/affiliates-coupons/lib/comp/class-affiliates-coupons-woocommerce.php. Error message: Uncaught Error: Call to […]

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How to handle discount Coupon

Hi, I need your help in setting up the affiliate system. Its currently working as follows: When the user purchased a specific product i.e Automatic-litter-robot-iii-open-air from Affiliate link and add Affiliate Coupon in the cart page then the user gets the discount and affiliate gets the commission. If the user did not follow the link […]

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A lot of problems

Hello, sorry for my english. My coupons work, however, do not give my partners a commission. I would also like the customer who used the coupon to permanently assign to the partner who gave it the coupon. Can vouchers be generated differently than when creating a new affiliate account?

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Coupon not giving referral to affiliates


I am having trouble getting the affiliate coupon functionality to work on my site. When I create a coupon, assign the coupon to the affiliate, and do a test order, the coupon works but does not assign the referral to the affiliate. The referral links work fine, just not the coupons. I have Affiliates Pro […]

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Referrals Not Linking to Affiliate

I am setting up a system for a client and the only way they will be linking Affiliates to products is via Affiliate Coupons. Everything is work correctly except when the Referral is applied it isn’t being linked to the Affiliate. What happens is the Referral appears in the Referrals List (but no where else). […]

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Can’t add multible coupon codes

Hi! I’m using WooCommerce, Affiliates enterprise, Affiliates coupons and Affiliates WooCommerce Integration. I want to add multible existing woocommerce coupons to an affiliate. But there is no “coupon” attribute, just “paypal” and “cookie”. How can I add existing coupons to an affiliate?

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