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Wrong Assignment – Tiers

Hi, I’ve purchased Affiliates Enterprise – Affiliate Coupons & Affiliate Permanent. I have set up a tiers system with 2 levels. I did several tests with different settings, but I could not handle one basic error, which is the following: – Using an Affiliate Coupon for Affiliate A I did a test purchase, the commissions […]

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Affiliate Coupons on Checkout

I have created a test affiliate and assigned them a coupon attribute with a value. However at checkout(woo commerce) there is no place to enter the coupon code for the said affiliate. Also, I have purchased the Affiliate coupons plugin. How is that different from the coupons already there in the affiliate pro plugin

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Deleted Coupons Still Displaying

Good day, We have recently purchased Affiliates Coupons and are using it however have picked-up an error. We generated coupons and deleted them but now using the shortcode to display the coupon is still displaying the deleted coupons. Please advise how this can be removed? Thanks, Will

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Coupon Affiliate Notifications

I just purchased and installed coupons. I am having a number of difficulties understanding how the plugin works, but when I create a coupon for an individual affiliate to use, how are they notified of the coupon code to use? I created a trial affiliate ID and have my affiliate login/infomation page setup and running, […]

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Prevent Affiliate Coupon “stacking”

Hello, I would like to be able to use Affiliate Coupons in conjunction with some of our other current coupons. I realize that all I have to do is not check the option “Individual use, coupon cannot be used with other coupons.” in the Affiliate Coupons settings. However, the problem is that leaving this option […]

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Generated Coupon unlike in documentation

Hi. Im currently using Affiliate Pro, Coupon, Users, Woocommerce Integration, Permanent, Export. Im having problems with the coupons generated as they are not following the naming convention in the documents. I have set the prefit to be {affiliate_username} but the generated coupons always have “-x” (where x is a number) added to it. I want […]

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Affiliate Referrals through Affiliate Coupons


I have Affiliate Pro, Affliate Coupons and Affiliate Woocommerce Light installed on my site. I have configured the affiliate coupons to automatically generate coupons for new affiliates with a referral rate of 10%. However, when a customer uses the affiliates coupon code. The referral bonus is not recorded. Please advise

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RE: Show coupons discount+commission to affiliate

Hello, I had the same issue of the message “Show coupons discount+commission to affiliate”. I was able to fix it thanks to the answer I’ve found in the forum, but it would be very useful to have it as part of the official distribution. Thanks in advance. Giancarlo

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Can affiliates coupons be used in conjunction with Free Gift Coupons?

Hi, We are thinking about buying affiliates coupons but need to know if the can be used together with woocommerce free gift coupons? From the documentation I can see the coupons created via affiliates coupons seems to be handled outside woocommerce coupons which make me uncertain if this would work. What we want to accomplish […]

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Linking coupons to affiliates

I got this plug in so i can attach a coupon code to my affiliates individually, and have them paid for their referrals automatically. I can’t find a way to link my affiliates with their specific coupon code. Is this possible with this plug in. I am currently running AffiliatesPro, AffiliatesCoupon, and WooCommerce. If it’s […]

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Affiliate Expirartion

Hi, How do you set an end date for a coupon to expire? Under Manage Affiliate I set a date under the ‘Until’ tab, and when I apply the coupon in the order it says – Coupon applied successfully. However, the customer coupon still works so it isn’t actually expiring. How do I make it […]

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Removing Coupons

Hey guys, I’m presently running affiliates enterprise, affiliates username and affiliates coupon. I had to change the coupon code format to make it possible for my call center reps to know to apply a single coupon in our POS system. Now I have two coupons for all my existing affiliates, and need to remove one […]

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