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My order will expires soon at november 19, 2021… if i’m not going to renew the purchase item, is the feature on my website that i installed affiliates enterprise will stop working or it means that i just stop getting plugin updates? reply please asap

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How to change default confirmation mail and email address

Hello, how do I change the default confirmation mail sent to an affiliate when the user signs up? It shows and instead of that, I would prefer it shows in the mail it sent to users. Also the mail shows it is sent from, how do I change it to be sent […]

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Sender of Email Notification

Hi there, I am having issue of changing the sender of email notification, at the moment, the sender email showing “” (WordPress via please kindly see if you can provide some indication. Thanks so much.

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Zero amount in commissions

Hello, For a few days I have a problem with commissions, that appears at zero for all orders and affiliates. Before it works very well so I don’t understand what happen. I have the free plugin groups and premium plugin groups woocommerce. I have one formula for one group and another one for a second […]

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Custom formula based on total sale

Hello, I am creating a custom rate based on a formula. My current formula is referral_rate*product_commission. “referral_rate” and “product_commission” are custom made variables created by the following rule: function my_variables( $variables, $rate, $context ) { $vat_rate = 0.055; $product_total = $variables[’t’]*$vat_rate; // FIXME: Find sale total $sale_total = $product_total; $variables[’vat_rate’] = $vat_rate; $variables[’product_total’] = $product_total; […]

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Block affiliate to receive revenue

Hello, I am trying to create a rule that blocks the user from receiving revenues if haven’t sold more than for example 1000$. After the client sold 1000$ in one or more orders that user will receive a rate for every product. In order to do that I tried to use an action filter like […]

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Translation forms

Hello, There are two sentences that I cannot translate, they are the sentences above the login and registration forms. I found these sentences in the dashboard / login.php and registration.php templates but when I modify them it creates a bug. I don’t understand, it is however only text. Do you know how I can do […]

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Zero Amount in comissions

Hello We have Affiliate Enterprise – with 5 level multi tier – 1 product (woocommerce). 5 level down affiliates Aff 1 10% commission 0.10 in rates Aff 2 10% commission 0.10 in rates Aff 3 3% commission 0.03 in rates Aff4 3% commissions 0.03 in rates aff 5 2% commissions 0.02 in rates When aff […]

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How to setup purchase commission with Tiers?

Dear Support, I have the following requirements: Scenarios 1: When any persons bought following items, the persons has product commission: 1. Product A -> 10 commission 2. Product B -> 20 commission 3. Product C -> 30 commission Scenario 2 Also, if Person A refer another Person B who bought Product A, the following will […]

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Pixel Tracking

I am using Affiliate Enterprise with Oxygen 3.8 and for the life of me I can not figure out how to add pixel tracking short code to the Affiliate Enterprise Affiliate Area. Can you provide some guidance please?

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