Create Tiers per # of Products Sold

Hi Guys and thanks for helping.
So, I am reading through the Rates, Tiers & Variables section of the Enterprise package and I don’t see an easy option to accomplish my idea of the Tiers I want to create… my a little advice here please (especially if it has to do with creating a string of variables to make this work).

The store is using Woocommerce.
I would like to create a 3 Tiered Affiliate Program that offers to pay according to the schedule below without keeping track and moving people up a level manually:
* Bronze Tier for affiliates that have sales numbering 0-25 @ 0.10%
* Silver Tier of sales numbering 26-75 @ 0.15%
* Gold Tier for sales numbering 75+ @ 0.20%

Any help please 🙂

best regards, “K”

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  1. George August 13, 2022 at 11:50 am #

    Hi Kenneth,

    FYI, this use case is supported by a custom implementation that will count the performance and adjust the commission rate accordingly.

    There are two options you have here.
    The first one is by using a Formula Rate that will adjust the commission each time a referral is recorded for an affiliate based on his/her performance. For that purpose you also need to check the referrals that are recorded for this affiliate.
    Useful resources:
    Formula rates
    affiliates_formula_computer_variables filter hook
    affiliates_get_affiliate_referrals function

    The second option is by using the free addon Affiliates Rankings that utilises Groups free plugin also developed by and promotes an affiliate according to the referrals performance. All you need to adjust is your ranking conditions and create one rate for each Group-Rank.
    Please also have a look at the following resources:
    Groups-based rates

    In general, I would also recommend you to read the useful post Affiliates Tiers Demystified, that explains the feature of tiered commissions used in Affiliates Enterprise plugin. Basically we have a tiered commission when an affiliate has referred another affiliate and that second affiliate refers a sale, but if you check the blog post you will fully understand what is involved.

    Kind regards,

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