Affiliates Enterprise

EDD Integration, custom links, and custom confirmation emails

Hi, this plugin seems feature rich but I’m having a hard time working a few things out. It will be great if you can help me with these three (probably simple!) questions. I’ve had a good look through the documentation but can’t really find the info… 1. I can’t see how this integrates with EDD. […]

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ECWID – Sorry, requested product is not available


Hi, the plugin looks great 馃檪 We’re using it with ECWID and have an important issue We’re trying to add the following shortcode when the page renders a link to the product with aff ID such as!/~/product/id=791003?affiliates=14 The page with ecwid shop says Sorry, the requested product is not available however, if we remove […]

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Woocommerce and affiliates Pro

i have installed in sito in the admin pannel all is ok: here is the link for registration: but is the admin pannel Affiliates Overview not is show any order. how i can check that is all ok ?

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Affiliate Stats or Contact Form 7

I want to make the program work so that the “affiliate” signup IS the referral. Is this possible or could I use the Contact Form 7 to record the referrals and somehow place that on the affiliate sign up page? I’m having trouble locating how to actually use the Contact Form 7 to integrate into […]

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How Tiers work

I’ve got Affiliates Enterprise working well, I just want to make sure I’ve got Tiers set up correctly for my needs: Standard Commission is 20% (0.20) I have two tiers, Tier 1 is 4% (0.04) and Tier 2 is also 4% (0.04) So, here’s what I expect: John is an affiliate, everything he sells for […]

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