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Tiers and Referrals

I’m having a difficult time setting up Tiers. We will only be using Affiliates in association with Coupon Codes and WooCommerce. Can you provide basic instructions to add “FRED” a Tier 1 Affiliate, and add a second Affiliate “JOHN” a tier 2, who was referred by “FRED.” Currently, I am experiencing something odd, when I […]

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Tiers referral

I have Enterprise setup with tiers configured. I don’t have open enrollment into the affiliate program. All new affiliates are referred by existing affiliates. Where in “Manage Affiliates” do I credit a referral for the new affiliate to the referring affiliate?

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EDD Integration, custom links, and custom confirmation emails

Hi, this plugin seems feature rich but I’m having a hard time working a few things out. It will be great if you can help me with these three (probably simple!) questions. I’ve had a good look through the documentation but can’t really find the info… 1. I can’t see how this integrates with EDD. […]

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ECWID – Sorry, requested product is not available


Hi, the plugin looks great 🙂 We’re using it with ECWID and have an important issue We’re trying to add the following shortcode when the page renders a link to the product with aff ID such as!/~/product/id=791003?affiliates=14 The page with ecwid shop says Sorry, the requested product is not available however, if we remove […]

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Woocommerce and affiliates Pro

i have installed in sito in the admin pannel all is ok: here is the link for registration: but is the admin pannel Affiliates Overview not is show any order. how i can check that is all ok ?

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Affiliate Stats or Contact Form 7

I want to make the program work so that the “affiliate” signup IS the referral. Is this possible or could I use the Contact Form 7 to record the referrals and somehow place that on the affiliate sign up page? I’m having trouble locating how to actually use the Contact Form 7 to integrate into […]

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How Tiers work

I’ve got Affiliates Enterprise working well, I just want to make sure I’ve got Tiers set up correctly for my needs: Standard Commission is 20% (0.20) I have two tiers, Tier 1 is 4% (0.04) and Tier 2 is also 4% (0.04) So, here’s what I expect: John is an affiliate, everything he sells for […]

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