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Sale is allocated to direct, but the registration was with affiliate x

Hi Denitsa, I can not comment on so I do it here. “So, if I’m getting this right, you have a user, xyz, that is a referral to the user x. Then, under Affiliates > Referrals you can see that indeed the registration of xyz is attributed to x?” -> Yes I can. “Also, […]

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upgrade single site to 5 sites

I have the single site Pro on one site and in the process of installing the Pro version on more of my sites if I could upgrade from single site to 5 sites. How can I do that? thanks Mitch

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Virtual product not tracking

Hi George, I made a new product and marked it at 10% commission. (I am still using product based commission) I made it a virtual product so that there would be no shipping fees included, and it did not track. If I change it to a physical product it tracks properly. Thanks JOdie

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Totals are not allocated

Good Day, I have set up the Affiliates Pro according the documentation. I can see referals being listed. I have even done a few test transactions, but my totals are not automatically allocated. Any help please

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WP Super Cache

I bought the Premium version of WP Super Cache… but i don’t see.. I don’t see that setting??

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Show customer name to affiliate

I would like the customer’s name to show up on the notification e-mail that is sent to the affiliate. I used the user name shortcode, but that only works if the customer registers on our site. Is there a way to communicate the customer’s name, and the products they purchased to the affiliate in the […]

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