Groups File Access

Path too Deep

Hello, Our hosting provider recently updated our package, which broke all the Groups File Access links. Old Path: /home4/{username}/public_html/wp-content/uploads/groups-file-access/{filename} New Path: /home3/{username}/public_html/wp-content/uploads/groups-file-access/{filename} Is there a reason you are going so deep in the file paths? Why not make the part up to public_html relative?

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Issue with ios download of mp3 files

Hi. I am running into an issue with the Groups File Access plugin downloading mp3 files to iOS devices and Safari running on the MacOS. The test is pretty straight and easy to recreate with these following steps. * take 20 sizable MP3 files, put them in both Media and Groups File Access * create […]

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Notification for file downloads

I am testing the Notification for file downloads. This is not exactly what I want, but would allow me to understand how many of our users are downloading files. However when I enter break html tags in the “Notification email message” (body) they are removed when I save the configuration. Is this working for anyone? […]

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Can’t import from one site to another, Invalid file_id

We exported GFA files (and export text file) from one site and attempted to import them on another site. It’s the same result whether I run it as a test or not. No files are imported. I inspected the file in a text editor and in LibreOffice, tried saving it as a CSV from LibreOffice, […]

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Downloads via Groups File Access do not work.

When trying to load a file via a link, such as, nothing happens. The Developer Tools show the error “[HTTP/2 500 Internal Server Error 360ms]”. If I take the user or file from the authorized group, the correct error message “Forbidden – You don’t have permission to access this resource on this server.” appears. […]

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Broken Links After 2.0 Installed

I had Group File Access version 1.6 before today. I purchased the paid version 2.0, downloaded, but could not get it installed through WordPress and not via FTP properly. Before I started I made a backup of the plug-in directory. Then I deleted the plugin from WordPress, added it back like a new plug in. […]

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Updating from 1.7 to 2

I have renewed my licence for Groups File Access and have installed and entered my code in the itthinx Update plugin but my plugin dashboard still says ‘Automatic update is unavailable for this plugin.’ What’s the best way for me to update from 1.7 to 2? Many thanks

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Downloading large files fails

We are using this plugin (ver. 1.6.1) for many years now, without any problems with PHP 7.0 and WordPress 5.7. Now we are moving to a containerized setup with Bitnamis wordpress container (right now with PHP 7.4 and WordPress 5.8.3). Now we have that problem that large files above approx. 128 MB are failing, smaler […]

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Is this a Bug?


On the settings page for this plugin in the “Delete Data” section the first option in the list looks like this. Delete plugin data when the plugin is deleted? The word “deleted” is showing the strong element instead of rendering it. Refer line 324 of /wp-content/plugins/groups-file-access/lib/admin/class-groups-file-access-admin.php

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