Feature Request: Beaver Builder module integration

I’m using Beaver Builder extensively along with Groups, and I’m finding myself frequently wishing that I could assign Groups to certain modules and rows, limiting visibility only to members of the groups assigned. With BB I can currently limit visibility to logged in/not logged in users when in the “Advanced” section of the module or […]

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Groups and Gravity Forms

Please help me think this through. I installed Groups I installed Gravity Forms Elite I installed Gravity Forms User Registration Addon I have Affiliates Enterprise I want to use gravity forms for all user registrations, including affiliates. I have one in good working order now at I duplicated it to make one for the […]

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file access filtering options

Hi, I’ve been using Groups and various add-ons with great success for several years – thank you! I now have a very large collection of files that I need to display in more user-friendly ways. I’m not so focused on the permissions as I allow all registered customers to view and download the files, but […]

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We are moving from WooCommerce to Thrivecart. I tried to reply to an existing thread, but don’t have permission. So has anyone got Groups working with Thrivecart? I assign different group permissions based on the level of subscription. Any tips? IH

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How to restrict access to post programmatically?

Hello, I want to programmatically restrict access of a given page to members of a given group. I tried this code but it doesn’t work: Groups_Post_Access::create( array( ‘post_id’ => $custpage_id, ‘group_id’ => $cai_group_id )); where $custpage_id is the id of an existing page and $cai_group_id is the id of an existing group. Could you please […]

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Groups override by admin?

I cannot find the ability to override all subscription groups for admin, and you cant just edit an admin profile and add group privelages. Its not an option

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Groups restrict Buddypress functions

Hello George, I use Buddypress in my site and I’m looking for a way to restrict the different functions in BP, based on which Group the user is in. For example, these functions would be available to users in the Group “Silver” and “Gold”, but not to those in Group “Bronze”: BP groups – cannot […]

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Dynamic Groups Based on Query

Is it possible through a plugin or the API to have a dynamic group based on a query? For example I need to have a group that consists of all users in Group A who are not in Group B. More advanced features that would be nice would include dates. eg. All users who joined […]

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Exclude Group ID’s from Group Notifications

Hi there, I’ve purchased a number of plugins for Groups as I really think it is the best think since sliced bread. Fantastic work, please do keep it up. Now, I’m building an ecommerce with an active community so lots of users will apply for groups, we then review them and add them to the […]

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