Groups Newsletters


Newsletter Campaigns for Subscribers and Groups.

Groups Newsletters helps you to communicate efficiently, providing targeted information to groups of recipients through automated campaigns.


This extension integrates with WooCommerce and lets customers sign up to your newsletters during checkout.


Stories make up a newsletter or a newspaper. Groups Newsletters provides a unique and flexible way of composing newsletters based on one or more stories. Read more about the concepts used by this plugin in the Documentation.

Automated Campaigns

Unlike your average newsletter system, Groups Newsletters combines multiple stories in a newsletter and uses campaigns to send out one or more newsletters to their recipients. The recipients for each newsletter can be different user groups (when Groups is also used).

Targeted newsletters

Among the reasons to use Groups along with Groups Newsletters you may find:

  • You want to send specific newsletters to a subset of the site’s users. For example. if you have a Premium group to which users who have purchased premium access to the site belong and you want to send out a newsletter offering them a special discount.
  • You maintain groups for specific products or services and want to make their users aware of a new feature or bug fix without sending the same information to normal subscribers.
  • Communicating with departments in a company – send out specific news that is relevant for those working in one department.
  • CRM – target valuable information at customer groups.
  • Leagues & teams – send out information on events relevant to specific groups, for example by sport, by team, by association …
  • To quickly create a Story Editors group for users who should be allowed to handle newsletters.
  • Let customers subscribe to newsletters at checkout with WooCommerce.

For regular subscribers, you can work without Groups and take advantage of the powerful newsletter campaign management features provided.


Please refer to the documentation pages for more information.


Groups Newsletters provides lots of sensible WordPress actions and filters that you can use to customize the system. It leverages custom post types and taxonomies to provide a system that any developer who is familiar with those concepts in WordPress can use, to provide a customized solution for your client.
If you have questions or suggestions, feel free to post a comment on the Groups Newsletters plugin page.


  • Template Repository :



  • Send multiple newsletters to different recipients within a single campaign.
  • Supports multiple campaigns that are sent FIFO.
  • Hold and continue running campaigns.
  • Double opt-in for visitors (no user account required) – subscribe and confirm by visiting the activation link.
  • Opt-out cancellation link.
  • Direct opt-in and opt-out for registered users.
  • Opt in on registration.
  • Opt in our out on user profile page.
  • Preview newsletters in your browser.
  • Test newsletters by sending to specific emails without the need to create a campaign.
  • Let customers sign up to your newsletters during checkout with WooCommerce.


  • Independent SMTP settings – allows to use settings to mail newsletters that are independent of the rest of the emails sent by the site.
  • Send a test email using Groups Newsletters SMTP settings.
  • Multipart emails are auto-generated to provide both HTML and plain text versions of newsletters sent.

Import & Export Subscribers

  • Import subscribers from a text file.
  • Export subscribers to a text file.


  • Supports reCAPTCHA.
  • Provides hooks to support other CAPTCHA systems.


Summary of shortcodes that are included:

  • [groups_newsletters_subscribe] – renders a subscription form for any visitor
  • [groups_newsletters_user_subscribe] – renders a subscription form for registered users only
  • [groups_newsletters_activation] – shows activation and cancellation messages
  • [groups_newsletters] – renders a list of newsletters
  • [groups_newsletters_search] – renders a search form for newsletters
  • [groups_newsletters_tags] – renders a newsletter tag cloud
  • [groups_newsletters_stories] – renders a list of newsletters stories


Several widgets are provided:

  • Newsletters
  • Newsletter Search
  • Newsletter Subscription
  • Stories
  • Story Tags

WordPress leveraged

  • Groups Newsletters fully leverages WordPress custom post types and taxonomies. It only brews it’s own where it’s really needed and allows you to clean up easily after testing.
  • It uses a lot of actions and filters that allow to customize things easily.
  • Templates are based on WordPress’ template system, both for how newsletters and stories are represented on a site as well as for emails. You can override these easily in your theme.


  • Clear and well-documented code that allows developers to easily customize things and use the system’s API.
  • Theme-specific templates will be added to the Template Repository.

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