WooCommerce Volume Discount Coupons


Increase your sales by giving customers coupons and automatic discounts based on the quantities purchased

Increase your sales by giving customers coupons and automatic discounts based on the quantities purchased.

The Volume Discount Coupons extension helps to increase unit sales and overall sales by enabling discounts based on quantities, including cross-promotions across products and categories.

This extension is available exclusively via the WooCommerce marketplace, get it here: Volume Discount Coupons

Coupons that provide volume discounts are a terrific way to increase sales. This extension makes that easy by extending coupon settings with quantity-based options and by showing customers what discounts can be used on which products. It allows stores to display discounts automatically for eligible products on shop and product pages. The discount information can also be displayed anywhere an admin wants.

How does this help your business?

The Volume Discount Coupons extension increases sales by giving customers quantity-based coupons and automatic discounts and it cross-promotes products and categories.

  • Increase unit sales by granting discounts based on product quantities
  • Increase overall sales by cross-promoting products with related discounts
  • Make customers aware of available discounts, automatically display information about discounts on shop and product pages
  • Save time by promoting discounted products quickly and automatically
  • The extension is easy to use, as it boosts existing coupon functionality and requires no complicated rules

What can you do with it?

  • Restrict coupons based on the minimum and, or maximum quantity in the cart
  • Apply coupons automatically when the quantity and other criteria are met
  • Allows customers to apply coupons manually for those that are not applied automatically and are limited by quantity criteria
  • Restrict volume discounts based on specific products or product categories
  • Can automatically show discounts for eligible products on shop pages and product pages
  • Show custom information for eligible products and when discounts are applied
  • Includes shortcodes to show pretty coupons
  • Cross-promotion for products and categories, grant discounts on products based on quantities of other products in the cart

Is this really easy?

The Volume Discount Coupons extension keeps things simple, there are no complex rules or difficult user interfaces to manage. Due to the added coupon features of the extension, the spectrum of possible coupon conditions, based on quantities, is flexible and vast.


The extension builds upon and extends core coupon functionality so shop managers can quickly create quantity-based promotions.

As you can see in the examples provided in the following clip, this is easy to use and helps to quickly put promotions into action.

You can try it out from the customer’s point of view and see it in action on the Demo site. You will find discount information automatically shown for eligible products in the demo Shop and examples of coupons displayed using the extension’s shortcodes on the demo’s Coupons page.

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