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I have the affiliates Pro plugin setup on

I need to create some subdomain sites off this domain.

I already have, setup and i need to also have the affiliates pro plugin setup on this site too.

What i need, is to be able to use affiliates pro plugin on all the subdomain website i create off

So if an affiliate is created on its also created on

Same if the affiliate account is created on, it needs to be populated on

If the sites don’t share the same database, when a user moves from to we will lose the affiliate reference!

I hope i have explained myself clearly enough.

I dont mind paying for multi site license and paying for a developer if the job is beyond my scope of ability.

Thanks guys, hope to hear from you soon,


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  1. George June 20, 2017 at 4:10 pm #

    Hi Ben,

    You can use the following setup and create a WordPress MS which will allow you to run a separate affiliate program on each site, but all of the affiliates installations will use the same affiliates and users.

    1) First you have to enable MultiSite on your WP installation. You can find information here.
    2) Then you should Network Activate Affiliates Pro plugin and enable new affiliates registrations.
    3) In order to replicate all users to all of your Network sites, you need to install Join My Multisite free plugin. When this plugin is enabled and once you have setup a registration page per each site, new users will be automatically added to the site they registered. Once the new users visit one of the other sites of your Network, they will be automatically added to other site as well.
    4) If you install and network-activate Affiliates Users premium plugin, each of your new users will automatically become affiliates and because of the previous step they will become affiliates for each of sites they are added as users.

    As i mentioned before, each site will run its own affiliate program but each of them will have the same affiliates. The drawback to this comes with affiliate payments because for each site you would have to make a separate payment. Also, because of Affiliates Users plugin, each new user will become an affiliate automatically.

    Hope this suggestion helps you.


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