Affiliates MS plugin question

Hi… I’ve purchased Enterprise and a few other plugins, including Affiliates MS.

I have a question and need for clarification.

First, this is what I would like to have happen:

1. Base website is a Network install. I have multiple websites under the Base.

2. My Base website is where my affiliate program is located and where my affiliates login.

3. I would like my affiliates to refer traffic to the other websites in our network.

4. However, I want the Base website to be the one that shows reports (including sales that occur on our network websites) and for commissioning to be done once, for all… rather than running independent affiliate programs on each network website.

Is this possible?

If not, I’m considering this workaround:

1. I’m using the same theme on all websites; therefore, there are only minor differences between each.

2. Therefore, my thinking is that, I could link the “Order” buttons from the Network websites to the Base website — where I would add the product/service in WooCommerce.

3. This way, the order would take place on the Base site and affiliates can be commissioned.

The question then would be, is there an easy way within your plugin(s) so that my affiliates could link to these network website/pages in such a way for the customer to be tracked, from the network website(s) back to the primary Base website?

One Response to Affiliates MS plugin question

  1. kento May 27, 2014 at 3:55 pm #

    Hi Brad,

    With Affiliates MS you would have one site where orders are placed and the affiliate program is running while affiliate links to any site on the network should be recognized.

    For example:

    Site 1 runs WooCommerce and the affiliate program
    Sites 2, 3 and 4 are within the multisite network

    If an affiliate links to any site, 1, 2, 3 or 4 and refers a customer who then places an order on Site 1, the affiliate should get credit for the order.

    This is what Affiliates MS basically would be used for, maybe in your case you also need to figure out how this would look like to the customers, i.e. if they come to Site 2 but need to place the order on Site 1 it should be a consistent customer experience. A common scenario for this is that you have several sub sites holding documentation, forums etc. while sales are handled on the main site but orders placed by any visitor referred to any of the subsites should still credit the referring affiliate.

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