I bought the plugin and i think it is not for doing what i wanted

my idea was to buy the plugin so that each affiliate can have a different% and be able to give different products to each affiliate, which can have the same products.

Let me explain: Affiliate 1 and 2 should be able to have the same product, but probably not the same% commission.

I thought it was for that but now I seem to understand that the product can only be for an affiliate and even (which I can not have so) is that if the product is sold and does not come from the affiliate URL also give him a commission.

I need a plugin or add-on where each affiliate is customizable with both products and% commissions

if so I ask them to tell me how to make the product if it does not come from the URL of the affiliate do not give commission. Otherwise I can do it … because it doesn’t serve me.

thanks for the help

If is not posible, please it’s posible to refund money… it’s an error and don’t use this add-on

sorry.. please I hope refund money it’s posible

3 Responses to I bought the plugin and i think it is not for doing what i wanted

  1. Ivan Barco May 5, 2020 at 9:42 am #

    Hello and thanks for the information.

    That is why I tell you that due to an error I bought this add-on and I see that it does not work for me, since an obligation is that each product can have several affiliates and this is not possible.

    That is why I ask you to refund the amount if you are so kind since it is impossible for me to use it since it is not the essential requirement that I need … I feel the error and I hope you understand me and we can proceed to the refund. I will not use it

    thank you and sorry for any inconvenience it may cause

    • Kento May 5, 2020 at 2:43 pm #

      Hi Ivan,

      Sure, we have proceeded to refund the order for Affiliates Products.

      I think what you might be looking for (or close to it) is our Affiliates Pro which provides very flexible rates. As George has suggested, you can see in the documentation on Rates how these are handled. Just keep in mind that you cannot grant a commission to an affiliate unless a) the customer has been referred via an affiliate link or b) the customer is using a discount coupon which is assigned to an affiliate. If you want to grant commissions always to more than one affiliate partner, then neither of our plugins would be suitable.


  2. George May 5, 2020 at 9:32 am #

    Hi Ivan,

    Thanks for choosing Affiliate plugin for your marketing program.

    Affiliates plugin uses Rates to setup different commission options with various conditions. Among them you can setup a rate that will grant an affiliate one commission and another affiliate a different commission when a product is bought. For this case an affiliate link should be followed by the potential buyer.

    If you like specific products to be assigned to specific affiliates granting commissions without the need to follow an affiliate link, then you need the Affiliates Products premium addon. The only feature not supported by this addon is that every product on your shop can only be assigned to a single affiliate and not more than one.

    Kind regards,

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